necromancer best weapon for summoner build

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User Info: hapyoo

5 years ago#1
I'm using a scepter and focus but I think axe with war-horn or staff might be better.

User Info: HunterToren

5 years ago#2
I only played necro in BWE's but the staff skill healed my minions and helped keep enemies away from me so that was a big draw.

User Info: bullet147

5 years ago#3
im fond of dagger/warhorn myself.

User Info: zrh5033

5 years ago#4
Staff is good. I use it for the conditions plus the minions help with damage. I also use axe and war horn in other weapon set.
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User Info: Crimson Phantom

Crimson Phantom
5 years ago#5
Scepter / Dagger is a must... the conditions you lay down and the damage dealt is just crazy

I'm a fan of the Staff - its got some good aoe laydowns

I'm also a fan of

Axe / Warhorn now

more single target dps, and my scepter / dagger / bone minion booms / f1 are more than enough to kill off mobs up to 5 levels above me (sitting at lvl 69)

+ warhorn has speed boost...
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  3. necromancer best weapon for summoner build

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