Norn storyline branching plot, get Wolf's Blessing or Kill the Griffon?

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User Info: Dude_bag

5 years ago#1
Just wondering what effect these choices have?

User Info: Dude_bag

5 years ago#2

User Info: Chibi_Flash

5 years ago#3
Wolf's Blessing turns you into a spectral wolf and gives you a huge HP boost. Dunno about the weapon.
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User Info: Dude_bag

5 years ago#4
I see so both choices only really decide the means in which you take on the Giant King, are there no bonuses or consequences outside of the buff or weapon you get to defeat the Giant King with? I know with the Human Street rat the choice you get at this level the choice you make decides the fate of Quinn in your personal story, just wondering if this had something similar?

User Info: Scylene

5 years ago#5
I think unfortunately for the Norn there are no real personal npcs in their storylines. The humans get at least 1-2 friends from childhood. The Charr get their warbands. Not totally sure Asura and Sylvari because I've never played them. But it seems like most races get an npc who's supposed to be close to your character and who can be affected by your storyline decisions.

I've played several Norn personal storylines throughout the betas and they never seem to have any close friends really. Everyone in your storylines in someone you just met. It takes away a little but of the impact I think. While humans have to decide whether to save Quinn's life or save innocent people the Norn are usually just picking how to go about a mission (like should I infiltrate the Sons of Svanir as a beer merchant or ask the Minotaur spirit to turn me into a minotaur so I can stampede through their base?).

Tldr, the Norn story choices seem to have way less impact than the other races. Just choose whatever seems interesting to you since it doesn't really affect anything longterm it seems (unless they made some big changes after the betas).

User Info: neji69

5 years ago#6
Spoiler :(
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User Info: Kilir91

5 years ago#7
As far as the weapon goes, you just get it for that fight and then it's gone. I assume it's the same with the Wolf Blessing. It's just meant to be an extremely overpowered fight in your favor, then it's gone.
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User Info: chicostick

5 years ago#8
Scylene posted...

That's true, but you get to spend time with Eir. I like Eir, she so fine.

User Info: Scylene

5 years ago#9
Well, that's true. Eir is my favorite Destiny's Edge member so it sort of balances out. At least I don't have to hang around Logan haha.

User Info: ultimateballoon

5 years ago#10
Spoiler in the title. Thanks dude >_<
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