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User Info: ChronoAce

5 years ago#1
Is it worth it to stack Magic Find in this game or is it useless like in Diablo 3?

User Info: Zaishi

5 years ago#2
Level 35 rare gear still only adds 1% MF so I doubt it ever gets to a point where it's useful.

User Info: jamesieb0ii

5 years ago#3
I've only heard this by someone, but it makes sense. He said that it's good to have a complete MF gear set at high levels, because lots of events will give chests with lots of loot, and apparently MF affects them.

User Info: ChronoAce

5 years ago#4
That is what I was thinking. 80 rares have 3% MF each so thats a grand total of 18 MF from main gear pieces.

User Info: BurnumMaster

5 years ago#5
You can craft gear with % magic find as one of the stats on it, then you can add runes that give magic find. I was just thinking about this the other day, but it seems like you could get it quite high.

User Info: F0reverZero

5 years ago#6
I thought I remembered reading somewhere that MF doesn't affect the chest from bosses? I could be wrong though...
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User Info: ChronoAce

5 years ago#7
F0reverZero posted...
I thought I remembered reading somewhere that MF doesn't affect the chest from bosses? I could be wrong though...

After the disaster that was MF in Diablo 3 I wonder why game developers continue to put this boring junk stat in their games.

User Info: Pheem

5 years ago#8
I know there's some set runes that add like 18% magic find. Some guy was linking his equipment with a bunch of magic find with equips and food.

There's also food at level 80 that adds 40% Magic Find. I think he was able to get like 80% MF with the gear/buffs he linked .
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User Info: thecrossnkight

5 years ago#9
Provided armor can get MF% runes/insigs you could potentially get...

6% from each armor piece = 36%
30% from jewelry = 66%
Food that can give up to 36%? for 102%
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User Info: xtacb

5 years ago#10
does the MF in this game work by just doubling a low drop rate?

200% MF just doubles the drop rate of a 1% rare item, to 2%?
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