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User Info: Ruby Sapphire

Ruby Sapphire
4 years ago#1
Anyone know if "Back" armor exists? I have one from a quest from an earlier quest and I heard it upgrades somewhere down the line but what level in the main quest?
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User Info: OmegaReaper21

4 years ago#2
The only one I think is available right now is the Engineer starter backpack if you take it. I assume it's for capes down the road, but could be used for other things (please god, not cash shop wings, those always look stupid IMO).

User Info: Rizzonater

4 years ago#3
^ Capes, Backpacks, and Quivers I hope
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User Info: Donsavant

4 years ago#4
The next backslot piece comes when you hit the level 80 personal quests.

User Info: Zaishi

4 years ago#5
I assume you are talking about the piece from the level 35ish personal quest? At least that's where I got mine, with the vigil.

User Info: KutKuSlayer

4 years ago#6
Rizzonater posted...
^ Capes, Backpacks, and Quivers I hope

i'd really like a Quiver for my Ranger. or a cape to go with his Pirate hat :P
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