Proper Way to use Salvage Kits

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User Info: _GuitarZero_

5 years ago#1
since there are so many I just want to know if I am doing it correctly

so lets say if I want Jute, should i be using a basic salvage kit to get that from items since it won't yield higher lvl mats?

just wondering if it scales according to gear or salvage kit or both. Curious on how to not waste items/high lvl kits

User Info: X Launcher

X Launcher
5 years ago#2
It scales according to gear. Even if you used a Black Lion Kit on Lv 10 blue, you'd get jute/copper/etc. The purpose of higher grade salvaging kits is to give you a chance to preserve the upgrades in them (think gems and enchants, if you played WoW).
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User Info: Earthshaker

5 years ago#3
Carry around a basic for usual junk things, carry a better one for "salvage item" ones for a shot at getting the next tier up (or use it on pieces of armor that are good but unsigiled that you can't use) and carry a high-level one in your bank for when you want to upgrade your current equipment and get the sigil out of it.
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User Info: Bufkus

5 years ago#4
the chance for rare materials is something that affects the last tier materials mainly. It lets you get things like glob of ectoplasm when salvaging a rare or better, or orichalcum/hardened leather/gossamer instead of the other stuff. I don't think it has any effect on lower tier materials. The % to recover the upgrade is separate.

User Info: KutKuSlayer

5 years ago#5
crude/basic = salvage items
basic/fine = fine items with no runes/runes i don't care about
journeymans = fine/masterwork items with runes i want
masters = masterwork items/rare items with runes i really want

thats generally how i do it. i burn through a lot of crude and basic kits though :S
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