Event bosses, what is the point

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User Info: jfinney66

5 years ago#1
I just spent 30 mins trying to kill an event boss with lots of other people. What where they thinking.

Apart from exp and karma all the boss had was a bone chip, why should i even bother with these events if the rewards are this good, i could've got 10 or more chips in the time it toke me on this boss.

What is the point in being a warrior if you can't take on these bosses up close, best armor for my level and i die in 2 hits, REALLY, is that what they intended, seems teamwork is out the window in this game, your allways on your own, so 2k hitpoints, ability to heal for 400 hps, So I dont' even try to tank anything anymore,

A warrior shouldn't be reduced to useing a rifle and when they are there is a serious need to examine how this game works.
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User Info: MW3_Fan

5 years ago#2
INB4 Learn 2 play

Basic answer, all classes are suppose to be the same, some may take a hit better than others but they ultimately should be killed by the same blow. Person wearing cloth, vs Ironman.

Makes sense, right?

User Info: OtakuD50

5 years ago#3
Sounds like you're low level and are complaining about a low level boss reward. FYI, bosses don't usually drop the exact same item every single time.

I've got a Warrior that focuses on Vitality and Toughness, and she can tank most things on her own, as long as she isn't taking on four enemies at a time or dealing with annoying conditions.
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User Info: zean22

5 years ago#4
just today me and about 3 other people were taking on a champion queen wasp (i think that's the name)

and while they were downed/dead i was using my awesome warriorness to kite the boss and we eventually won that way.
sure i guess that's not a tank, but without my higher defensive stats i wouldn't have been able to take the 2 hits and the poison to survive the kite.

we were all around level 11 just fyi.

User Info: vahndragonwing

5 years ago#5
Well, if you were looking to get more than exp/karma/money from a DE, you're gonna have a bad time.

If you wanted bone chips, you should have gone and farmed bone chips.
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User Info: Atzenkiller

5 years ago#6
he's talking about the cheap bosses of which many can 1 hot kill you, no matter how mch toughness and vitality you have. i play a warrior myself and it gets pretty annoying cause i'm always dying way more than the rest of the team. being able to evade an attack once every few seconds doesn't help either
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