best/easiest crafting professions?

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User Info: mrich528

5 years ago#1
topic title.

my first char i didnt get enough mats for the armor/weapon smithing so i ended upbarely doing any, stuck on bronze level as a level 50+. so for my next char i'm wondering what the best crafting skills to get are. thanks guys. BTW next char will probably be a thief or a engineer, or necro if i'm feeling spicy
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User Info: roxbury1990

5 years ago#2
im interested in this as well
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User Info: Strife025

5 years ago#3
It was cooking, which is now terrible.

Armorsmith and Artificing are the easiest and can be primarily leveled by not even making gear. Artificing makes tuning crystals and potions, armorsmith makes runes once you get to major in tier 3.

Artificing is by far the easiest and took 1 hour and 1 gold to go 0-388, then spend a bit/farm to discover 4 rare weapons to 400.

Armorsmith is easy after the 2nd tier and after you get through that you can almost break even going to 400 making runes, probably close to 1g only as well.
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  3. best/easiest crafting professions?

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