Leveling from 75-80?

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User Info: lostvaliant

4 years ago#1
It doesn't look like renown quests are around in the higher level zones (that I can tell), so should I just be doing DEs/killing things to make it to 80? Is there a particular hub or area that's the fastest? I just wanna hit cap at this point, don't really care too much for exploring since I'm going to do it later.

User Info: ModLogic

4 years ago#2
100% map completion
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User Info: nitestrkr

4 years ago#3
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User Info: dejavu1982

4 years ago#4
Yes, heart quest dissapear towards endgame:), then it is allbout the DE's and big boss fights :).

User Info: Rangue

4 years ago#5
There tons of heart quests, just not in Orr. Go to frostgorge sound. That place is great.
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User Info: FDDragoon

4 years ago#6
Head north to Frostgorge Sound. 70-80 zone and it still has renown hearts.

User Info: Sin___

4 years ago#7
Wait, people actually LIKE hearts? What the ****?
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User Info: Phazor58

4 years ago#8
Why are people dependent on hearts for leveling?...Just do dynamic events and advance in your personal story and you'll level easily.
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User Info: RushUnplugged

4 years ago#9
Watch the Map chat in Orr zones, usually people point out where a DE chain is starting. With those, you'll get a lot of exp and loot.

User Info: runboy81

4 years ago#10
Dungeons. You basically get exp for an entire level when you complete a route. I did CoF back then and got the last 7 levels to 80 in a day.
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