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User Info: tidus1156

5 years ago#1
Just started a mesmer, got to level 4 but I'm interested in what you mesmers use as weapons. I hear S/P and GS or staff but trying to get more info.

User Info: RushUnplugged

5 years ago#2
You got the right idea on weapons. Trait for power, precision and some condition damage, and shatter a lot. I mean it, don't treat your illusion as precious pets, they're not. They're damage waiting for your button press.

Eventually you can consider a more "solid" build/equipment, boosting up some toughness or vitality, but i found that a pure DPS build makes PVE levelling simpler.

User Info: Neo_PortaPotty

5 years ago#3
i'd say s/p but as seconday sword/sword or sword pistol over gs or staff i love those for pvp but mesmer sword kills things hella faster staff does fairly bad dmg in pve and gs loses dmg at close range but sword hits like a truck. so s/p gfor stun the phantasm and clone spam and sword/whatever for dmg,
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User Info: haker10201

5 years ago#4
I posted this in a different topic:

Personally, I use Staff/Sword&Focus for PvE, and I build full Condition Damage. It's great for killing stuff, after a few seconds, once conditions really start to stack, the mob dies really quickly. It's great for Vets and Champs as well, though you'll need to Kite a lot.

I don't like shattering at all, the only times I do is when I see my clones about to die, and then I'll shatter them just to get a little extra damage out of them. I always try to stack three clones on one mob, because while they don't hit for anything with their attacks, the conditions they inflict with the Staff attack actually hit hard, as if you did the attacking. The damage scales with your Condition Damage, and once they start stacking up... wew.

My build also focuses on letting clones die, so once I get the traits for giving enemies Conditions and crippling them, I'll probably stop Shattering all together, as they don't inflict conditions if you shatter, only when they're killed.

I've heard people using Shatter builds, and some other ones, but imo Condition is the best. Shatter is good for heavy burst damage, but Condition is best for bosses. You can even use Condition to kill stuff several levels ahead of you (provided you don't get hit of course =D). I fought a level 41 boss at level 30 yesterday with a group of people, and I helped out a lot, because conditions don't get glanced or blocked like normal attacks do.

But you should look into some more builds, check the GW forums as they post a loooot of various builds there, and just find something you think is interesting. Everyone has a different playstyle =D.
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User Info: The_Down_Below

5 years ago#5
Equip yourself with precision > power gear. Trait on Dueling, then on Chaos up to 10 then go back and forth between Dueling and Domination. Always upgrade your gear every 5 levels.

Equip Sword/Pistol and Staff and proceed to steamroll everything.

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