best looking order heavy armor?

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User Info: fl4tlined

5 years ago#1
im stuck between vigil and whispers and its coming down to armor..

also a good story would be good as well lol

i mean the vigil armor looks like awesome spartan armor but the whispers armor it just cant help but remind me of the lannister armor (especially the helmet out of game of thrones..)

User Info: Pikaley

5 years ago#2
dunno about armors but i went vigil on my first ranger to 80 and it was pretty good and going through whispers now on my 36 charr warrior and its awesome, so far the quests have been really different and really fun to do, like one was a drinking contest for instance
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User Info: BoOfTantar9

5 years ago#3
Personally, I think the Vigil heavy armor looks the best.
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User Info: BadKarma_JT

5 years ago#4
Order of Whispers has really cool looking plate imo as well
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User Info: SecureGamer

5 years ago#5
Citadel of Flame or the Gem shop armor.
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