Anone else feel like MMOs have gotten prgressively worse over the years?

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User Info: MrFurious_basic

4 years ago#51
It's not that they've gotten worse. It's that they have not gotten better. Almost everyone still follows the EverQuest formula and occasionally tweaks it a bit. I used to be really excited at the idea of MMO's. I didn't like EverQuest at all, but I believed that the genre would get better over time and was really hopeful for the future. I realized a few years ago that the genre was never going to get better. MMO's cost too much money and take too much time to make so the businesses that make them don't want to take any chances and just copy WoW, which itself was just a copy of EverQuest. The MMO that I always fantasized about is just never going to happen.

User Info: pies12

4 years ago#52
I'm done with mmos until someone makes The World happen.
"Obviously it was the most epic bubble hearth of all time."
~FalcownPAUNCH on Dalaran being moved to Northrend.

User Info: BeefyNukes

4 years ago#53
CruxisInhibitor posted...
Crimson_Spider posted...
Actually no, I don't think MMOs have gotten progressively worse over the years. They've gotten better as a whole, since by design they have no figured out what works and what doesn't work anymore. Now we no longer have such archaic systems as losing everything on death and mandatory teaming.

Structure that requires grouping is not a bad thing and it adds to depth...the lack of it is why everyone just spams skills and DPS with no rhyme or reason in GW2. It's why you just revive people and keep on chugging, smashing the same 5 buttons all day long thinking that you have so much customization and depth at your fingertips. I'm glad for ArenaNet though, they really found a way to tap into that Angry Birds Gamer market that is a cash cow for cash shop models due to low IQ scores. They really hit home with GW1 and they deserve to be successful even if they did sell out a good majority of their fans.

The sad thing is you haven't even played enough of the game to get your first skill slot. And yet you're *still* here. There's not "so much" customization, but there's definitely more than you're giving it credit for.

Meanwhile MoP has literal 3 button rotations, and it's quite obvious you're trolling.

Considering how much you need to advertise your "Pokemon" addiction it shouldn't come as a surprise to me that you hate change.

You HATE the fact that GW2 is different from GW1. Not saying GW2 is perfect, but it's sad when a grown man has to whine so much about a MMO he doesn't even play.

User Info: MurderMode

4 years ago#54
Firedraconian posted...
MurderMode posted...
So, really, you're not saying games or MMOs are becoming worse, but that they're becoming different in a way you don't like.

What exactly is it you'd prefer in an MMO? Totally old-school, with 4-6 hours per day required to be competitive, rustling up 39 other people and herding them through a raid, spending months doing content where you might not even get a single piece of gear, having strict and exacting limitations on how you play your class and what abilities you use when? Because that's how it was, without even going too far back in time.

No, see, the problem is that they are not becoming different. I've been around since the dawn of gaming and have experienced it's evolution over it's entire lifespan. In the last decade the evolution of the industry has slowly ground to a halt, and in more recent years has actually been devolving. Sure, there are still gems popping up here and there, but they are too few and far between to be considered anything more than an exception to the rule.

What would I prefer in an mmo? Some innovation perhaps. You see the genre title MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It should, by all rights, be a very open genre where the only criteria it has to meet is that it's designed to cater for a large audience and contain role playing elements that allow you to create and tailor your own character within the game mechanics. In no way should MMORPG mean "just like WoW".

Yet since WoW's release (and success) that is all we get, WoW clones. All major MMO games since then have just been slight variations to WoW's core gameplay structure that attempt to draw away a percentage of it's playerbase rather than create it's own following. GW2 is much worse than other WoW clones, because it doesn't even attempt to offer anything new (except for a few sloppy gamemodes pinched from other titles), but instead just streamlines WoW's structure for the casual audience.

So what would I prefer to see in an mmo...?

- Ideally, a game which has combat mechanics that are skill-based that still manage to provide enjoyment even through repetition... even less complex genres like fps games, driving, fighting and platforming can manage that with a tenth of the content.

- I'd also like to see a game with a story worth hearing that doesn't just repeat generic tropes. Ultimately I'd like to see systems in place that allow you to forge your own story within the sandbox, affecting both your character and the world... but even if the story is set in stone there's no excuse for making it feel like an afterthought, it should be taken as seriously as any single player game.

- Involving quests would be nice as well, killing 10 of these and picking up 10 of that isn't entertaining in the slightest. A questing system that actually make the player a functioning part of the world wouldn't be that hard to accomplish.

- It would be nice if the genre made use of the MMO part of it's title as well. The way these games are designed, it really doesn't change the experience in any great way whether you are playing with 5 or 5000 people. They might as well just have lobbies between instances like every other online game in existence.

-A sandbox endgame would be a good direction to go in as well. Grinding gear and progressing through dungeon chains is just a waste of the genre's potential. Reaching max level should just be an opening to go out and play the game how you want, with goals that you set for yourself.

These are just some of the very simple ways the genre could have improved by this point in time

User Info: Vargz

4 years ago#55
I played oldschool EQ1 for a few months on Project 1999 earlier this year and it was still a pretty awesome experience. Ended up stopping because it's very difficult to get anywhere without having several hour chunks of playtime, which became a growing problem partway through, and my favorite class was still garbage at mid-high levels. But those two things aside it was a really refreshing look back at the past that I had a lot of good times with. It's a harsh game and it isn't a blast every single minute but something about that gives it a feel that modern, sterile MMOs can no longer accomplish. I unfortunately never jumped on the UO train back in the day but it sounds like it would have been similarly fantastic.

I like GW2, but it and other current games in the genre just aren't engaging in the same way. It's hard to put a finger on exactly why, but I think it has a lot to do with them feeling more like a game and less like a world.

User Info: Hypereia

4 years ago#56
I know I'm going to take a lot of flak for this, but I wish The Matrix Online would be remade/relaunched.

An awesome MMO I wasn't able to get into during the prime, but during my time with it, it was my favorite MMO besides FFXI in it's prime.

(yes I know about TMO fan projects, but they havn't made much progress, no functioning combat, etc...)
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User Info: Epic_Bear_Guy

4 years ago#57
Well I've only played MMO's for their open world pvp aspects. So far it seems like lineage 2, CoH,DAoC, and eve online are the only MMO's with good pvp that I have encountered.

That aside, I've never been a huge MMO fan because I've always been a competitive mp fan, even when I was much younger. It started with 4 player split screen on the n64 then came MMO pvp, then online mp on the ps3/360. Point is, yes I think MMO's are getting crappier because the pvp in MMO's now adays are just terribad. I have yet to find a good pvp MMO since my CoH pvp experience back in the old expansion pack days. Aika online had some pretty solid class balance and gameplay, but the cash shop made players willing to pay for really powerful gear that would take a normal player ages to get realllly strong. Took the fun away for me but its RvR was done well.

So I'll just stick to consoles until a MMO with worthy pvp comes out later down the line. So sad what this genres come to.

User Info: solosnake

4 years ago#58
"Even if a pawn becomes a queen, it's still just a playing piece."

User Info: Kingmichael1337

4 years ago#59
WoW was/is the best MMO ever made

haters be jelly WoW got more subscribers and makes mo money than your lame ass games
the mods are watching me

User Info: Nenjii

4 years ago#60
I loled at Kingmichael. HAHAHAHAAHAH, wow best MMO, HAHAHAHAHA!

More people does not = better

See Mcdonalds, excellent reference.

Also why would we be "jelly" whatever that means, of a game we have either never played, or quit? Explain how that is even possible.
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