Guild Wars 2 Biggest Weakness

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User Info: CenaxKikia

5 years ago#31
KaitoIcarus posted...
Oh no, the game isn't like WoW. Quick, everyone! Grab a flamethrower kit!

Yes because wow has world pvp.

Read his damn post. God.
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User Info: Jo_Joanine

5 years ago#32

User Info: Draginvry

5 years ago#33
I agree that Guild Wars 2 isn't as addicting as other MMO's I've played. However, the reason Guild Wars 2 isn't addicting has nothing to do with any of the points made in the original post.

User Info: clowning

5 years ago#34
In every designed feature, there's always a strength and a weakness.

This is true, but the TC is using the words "strength" and "weakness" incorrectly. These are objective terms, or they are terms relative to one another in category. Let me explain what this means. You can say "he is stronger than him" or "he is weaker than him" making them relative to one another in a category (physical strength, for instance). But you are using these words differently. You cannot apply "strength" and "weakness" to "I like" or "I dislike", which is what you are trying to do, they are radically different concepts.

GW2's "weakness", as the OP says, is not a "weakness". It is a different design based on a different paradigm. The goal of GW2 is not the same goal as traditional MMO design, therefore they are not comparable in a strength/weakness dichotomy. It would be like saying one person is physically stronger than another person because one of them speaks english and the other one does not.

IF another MMO is created with the same design goals as GW2, then you can compare strength and weaknesses between the two, looking into which one accomplishes which goals more successfully.
It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. begins to twist facts to suit theories.... Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

User Info: asdf8562

5 years ago#35
IndigoIce posted...
Currently, playing GW2 feels like playing my ps3 rpg games.
Solo (No one to brag my exotic eqs with) and non-competitive (No reason to compete with anyone. There's not much source of motivation and "a cause" to compete with other players since all players are equal no matter how much we play.

Agrees with this, and I dont care if Im called a troll. This board calls anyone with a negative opinion about the game trolls. The board in their eyes is only meant to praise the game.

User Info: HydroCannabinol

5 years ago#36
IndigoIce posted...
clowning posted...
Furthermore, this "weakness" (should be "weaknesses, by the way, since he made 5 bullets) are not really weaknesses at all. Weakness is not considered subjective, but the 5 bullets are subjective. So in the end, we have a guy saying GW2 is not a traditional MMO.... This is the point of GW2. It was, in fact, a huge part of the marketing campaign and the entire game design.

I understand that it's subjective.
In every designed feature, there's always a strength and a weakness.
There's no perfect feature.

E.g. The level scaled down in fields.
Pros: It makes higher level want to play with lower level. So higher level level won't feel bored when he wants to play in lower level map. It also not make players feel like a juggernaut in lower level areas. It also won't take away the fun when other higher level players kill your mobs in one shot during low levels.
Cons: It makes higher level players feel less special. Some players find the joy of letting low level mobs hit them 0-1 dmg in lower level dunguen. The feeling of "godly" and "immortal" in low level dunguens are the rewards. It makes players feel that achieving high level is worth the rewards. Therefore, if the perks are not effective, it creates less motivation for players to desire reaching higher level.

Wow I bet youre one of those kids who looovveed godmode in games. Get some skill.
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User Info: InfernoCrossing

5 years ago#37
The main problem for me is the tendency for skill points and events to get bugged.

User Info: dejavu1982

5 years ago#38
"It severely lacks "addictive feature".

Stopped reading there, im addicted /discussion

User Info: IndigoIce

5 years ago#39
HydroCannabinol posted...
Wow I bet youre one of those kids who looovveed godmode in games. Get some skill.

Don't bet, that's just your sarcastic assumption.

The issue is not the "godmode". It's the lack of "reward feel" of being high levels that sets you apart from low level players. One source of motivation for players to level up is because they want to feel special and stronger than the lower players. GW2 is designed to negate the weakness of previous mmos but it gained a weakness from it. It's a +/- designed feature.

Here's a video of a scene in a Japanese anime about mmorpg. (It's currently one of the top animes in 2012.)
Forumers here should watch this 1 min video and get what I mean by the feeling of being special in mmos.

Link -

User Info: Gojak_v3

5 years ago#40
Reading this thread makes me want to go play GW2.
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