Titan Alliance has disbanded.

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User Info: roshumba

5 years ago#11
Kinda of sucks, yeah.

TA and SBI were the reason that JQ threw themselves into WvW. HoD was the top of the mountain and JQ were making real/relevant strides to topple them. When we dropped to Tier 2 (Crystal Desert and Dragon Brand), it was the kick in the teeth that JQ needed.

We roared back into Tier 1, fought hard with SBI, took back our #2 position -- And were making inroads against HoD. We were getting decent groups/leadership in all the colored borderslands.

JQ's biggest weakness has always been Eternal Borderlands. And even in that wasteland, certain guilds/commanders were finally trying to get a foothold in that wasteland.

Oh well. Bring on JQ - ET - SBI!

User Info: silentfox4

5 years ago#12
I agree. Being from JQ, our vent is nearly empty at most times in Eternal while the other BGs have like 30-40 people in the vent. If we had as much leadership in that map as we do in the others, we would likely be the force to finally topple HoD.

User Info: roshumba

5 years ago#13
Now that this match up has hit weekday. I've seen many of TA still playing in the various borderlands? What's going on?

When HoD announced they were disbanding they made it sound as if EVERYONE is quitting/transferring to different servers.

Now there is all this hearsay about who left and who remained.. 1 guild? 2 guilds? Supposedly some are planning to quit, but are still playing to finish up the fight between JQ and ET. Did the leadership disband a guild, but their main force remained? So forth and so forth.

What really sucks about this whole situation is how TA explained the situation prior to the match up which completely set the tone of match up. On overflow, I'll read things like "TA left, JQ doesn't mean anything." or "SBI gave us (TA) tough fights in our prime, JQ is getting left overs." blah blah blah.

Oh well, nothing JQ can do, but take it to both ET and HoD.

User Info: ArcticPlague

5 years ago#14
Gojak_v3 posted...
Who are they and why should I care?

User Info: libatako

5 years ago#15
Great story
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User Info: holiday1021

5 years ago#16
easymodexz posted...
They claim they disbanded due to the queue times coinciding with CND leaving. CND claims to have left GW2 because they were "bored".

Outsider observations from several sources, including a few of my own:

1. CND left because they, by reputation, are "early leavers". They rush in an MMO, get to max level and powergame quickly, then bail soon after release. They have also been labelled a "PvE guild", which may or may not be true. CND originally organized Titan Alliance. Even though the alliance should be fine without them, this is one piece.

Note: their "boredom" rationale is semi-believable. Over the past few weeks I have seen fewer and fewer CND in WvW across the board. Due to this observation, I give credence to the "CND is a PvE guild that powergamed GW2 early, and leaves" line of thought.

2. JQ and ET are the two servers that are most dedicated to taking down HOD. HOD's most difficult fight was back when JQ and ET were matched against them. Since that time, JQ has become much, much more capable, both in timezone coverage and organization. JQ alone, in the last matchup, kept a solid pace with HOD while fighting SBI around the clock. Note: SBI has a trend to "fight for second place", which is perfectly legitimate, but it secures HOD's winning position.

This week's matchup will likely be HOD v JQ v ET. It is more likely than ever that HOD will lose this matchup. It will be the most difficult matchup they have faced since, unlike SBI, ET and JQ are both willing to gun for HOD.

I completely expect HOD to hold 0 objectives in one or more borderlands during active JQ/ET timezones, and have a very difficult time holding Stonemist.

So. TA's gettin' while the gettin's good. They came into GW2 with a very impressive degree of pre-planning and organization, and dominated the first few days, and first few weeks of WvW. And so they call it quits before they lose.

3. It is perfectly legitimate to disband the alliance and/or transfer due to queues and ANet's refusal to this date of removing free server transfers. However, their timing is hilarious. Really, it is. Basically:

a) For queue reasons, I completely expected them to transfer earlier.
b) For competitive reasons, I expect them to transfer/disband later.

At this point, it's basically a ***** move with them taking the "Titan Alliance" name too seriously and using queues as an excuse.

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User Info: havok718

5 years ago#17
IndigoIce posted...
I understand why it disbanded.

The Titan Alliance can be up to it's name if it was in a competitive-concept rpg. In gw2, everyone is regarded as equal regardless or level or gear. It's the most balance and fair mmo out of all. No class are better than the other. It means, no single guild or alliance can be dominated twice in a row. That's why they can't shine in gw2. No matter how much they work hard in-game, it's pure luck and skills that matters in gw2 pvp because everyone is "too equal regardless of hardwork and hardcoreness".

Nothing you stated is relevant. There's nothing equal about WvW.

1) Numbers (especially during "off" hours)
2) Money (who's willing to drop 10 siege weapons to hold a supply camp? who's willing to fully upgrade every keep/tower they grab?)
3) Level (to a lesser extent, a level 80 will destroy multiple level 10's in WvW)

Without 1 (and possibly 2) you will never win WvW no matter how organized you are.

User Info: Nofoundation

5 years ago#18
KirynTheCleric posted...
Who are they that I should care?

More people leaving the game in large numbers, but a nice attempt at denial
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
5 years ago#19
It's proving to be an interesting week, to be sure.

I will say that "Titan leaving" does not mean "Henge WvW is at an end". Other guilds are stepping up and trying to organize things, with at least some successes.

Jade Quarry certainly is a very real threat, and seems capable of taking the top spot this week. Henge is, however, making them work for it. Eredon seems to be waffling between "irrelevant" and "kind of a nuisance" depending on when you check the scoreboard, and I agree they're probably in cahoots with JQ.

There is a claim that JQ was using some sort of orb exploit that is in fact mentioned as something the last patch fixed. Mind you, I'm going to take that with a grain of salt until I see evidence; rivals in MMOs are always going to say things like that as excuses. And even if it is true, the scores are what they are, so we either make it back up, or we don't.

I've said before I'm primarily a PvE gamer, and have only been dabbling in WvW. But this week's events actually caught my attention, and I'm even joining in the effort in earnest, when I'm in there. (Helps that my past two weeks of "dabbling" has helped me learn the ropes.)

In the end, it doesn't truly matter to me where we rank. I chose the server back in the betas, and we didn't dominate then. I picked it because I liked the GW1 location of that name, and I lucked out to be on the same server as several people I knew in GW1. I'm pleased we are winning, but I ain't jumping ship if we stop.

And when it comes right down to it? We WILL stop. One single server cannot hold the top spot for the entire lifetime of the game. Every week we DO hold it will only further our opponents' efforts to take us down.

(Although.... I really want us to at least win one more week. Simply because this is the first time we've been truly pushed to work for it.)

And as for the bandwagoners? Let them be someone else's problem. Maybe Jade Quarry will get to put up with them. How's that for a prize for dethroning Henge?
"As the good archmage often admonishes me, I ought not to let my mind wander, as it's too small to go off by itself." -Danilo Thann
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