gw2 humans based on americans?

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User Info: AjaxTheBeast

4 years ago#21
pies12 posted...
Well they're not fat but they do declare war on everything with no affect but bankrupting themselves so I'm conflicted in my conclusion.

Oh because europe's market isn't crumbling drastically or anything.. I can tell this guy knows nothing of politics so I'm conflicted in my conclusion
\/\/\/ Guy below me has no idea what he's talking about \/\/\/

User Info: digitalwill2000

4 years ago#22
1. Religious zealots? Check.
2. Dumb? Check
3. Annoying accents? Check
4. Obiese? Nope

They're three quarters american. Although there are other things like Logan ditching a fight like a coward, thats quite yanky. And the wars they keep starting and losing.
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User Info: Bufkus

4 years ago#23
VengefulShoe posted...
Atralis posted...
The Norns- I get a real Jewish vibe from them. Like they are mountain jews or something.

Um, what? They share more in common with Native Americans and other spiritual peoples...the only thing I can even fathom you are referring to is their facial hair, which is more Nordic than anything else.

Someone fails at detecting sarcasm

User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

4 years ago#24
horheristo posted...
Ascalon / Kryta = Americans
Cantha = Asians
Elona = Africans

I miss Cantha...

Kryta is based on Europe...
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