Mesmer and WvW -- should I drop condtion and spec for power/prec/crit?

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  3. Mesmer and WvW -- should I drop condtion and spec for power/prec/crit?

User Info: gildedgirth

4 years ago#1
I had mainly a condition-based build while leveling up to 80 and that was awesome for PvE. but lately I've been thinking I need more burst damage for WvW, and to an extent for DEs too.

Anyone still running condition-based build for DEs and WvW?

Should I go switch to a power-based build instead?

In WvW, and in DEs I find that in order to get XP and/or loot, while with the zerg, I need to do as much DPS in a the shortest amount of time as possible, rather than my condition build which is better for longer fights.

Any thoughts?

User Info: cgwhite85

4 years ago#2
I would go ahead and get a set of gear for each play style you enjoy. A trait respec is so cheap its practically free and max gear is easy to acquire. Then switch according to what you are getting ready to do. I find that in events that have monsters with large amounts of life, in smaller pvp and in dungeons condition damage is king. Shorter encounters tend to favor burst, BUT those encounters are often easy no matter what. Don't discount bleeding and confusion in shorter fights as they can be quite deadly.

Anyway I would not stick to any one build since gear is so simple to acquire. Thats one thing I love about this game, you can try something new on a character without spending months trying to grind gear, only to find you hate your new spec.

User Info: DyGenGuar

4 years ago#3
This article was just posted on GW2 Guru, and should be some help:

For the most part, I pretty much stick to a Power build with Greatsword/Sword + Focus. GS autoattack being both fast and having a 1200 range is great for sniping people on walls as well as defending while on the wall. I've tried to use Staff in WvW, but your Clones and Phantasms go down so fast that it really hampers your ability to apply Conditions outside of Chaos Storming. Focus is an absolute must for running around as well as ripping people straight off walls during sieges and reflecting projectiles.

If you really want to do a Condition damage build, trait heavily for Confusion and bring a Scepter. Since you'll most likely use Glamour skills in WvW, Confusing Enchantments is an excellent trait. You'll do pretty decent damage during zergfests when people aren't paying attention while moving in and out of your Feedbacks and Null Fields.
Strike with Soul and Sword

User Info: Judge_Omega

4 years ago#4
I have yet to get the full exotic gear but iv been working towards the +prec +power + cond damage set. That way regardless of which path i choose ill be geared for it..
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  3. Mesmer and WvW -- should I drop condtion and spec for power/prec/crit?

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