Looking for good EU server

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User Info: R3blrth3d

5 years ago#1
Hi everyone, like the topic says I'm looking for a EU server, it will be mainly for casual play with some friends, but we still want a server with a good population, where we can play wvw or do some world bosses.
So if you guys have any sugestions. About the languages we all speak english and portuguese.

Thanks in advance ;)
3DS FC:2020-0701-8264

User Info: Dm3Hks

5 years ago#2
Blacktide i was on for a while but they only speak Polish now.
Desolation is mostly full but that's a good one, crowded and good sessions i and 3friends having there.

User Info: R3blrth3d

5 years ago#3
Ok thanks, I'll get the game today, so until then I'll keep checking the answers ;)
3DS FC:2020-0701-8264

User Info: alpacino1983

5 years ago#4
Yeh I play on Desolation, and there's loads of people around, but I think it might be at full capacity. We're not doing too good in WvW at the moment though >_<
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User Info: asdam_teabag

5 years ago#5
Ring of fire! Good population, lots of people at 80 doing events, never have a problem finding groups for dungeons and lots of dedicated wvwvwers.

Plus it's name is awesome.

User Info: stekim40

5 years ago#6
Piken Square is the 'unofficial' EU RP server, so if you're looking for rp, come join us.
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User Info: R3blrth3d

5 years ago#7
Ok guys, thank you very much we'll check those servers ;)
3DS FC:2020-0701-8264

User Info: Shatter123

5 years ago#8
Play on the US servers, lots of EU players are moving there. No full EU servers when I checked yesterday.

User Info: SteadyShark

5 years ago#9
Yeah, Desolation is a good and popular server (I'm there too).

Servers being "full" will fluctuate every other minute, so you might as well wait until you can get in.
GT/PSN = SteadiestShark - 3DS: 3866-8210-5918
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User Info: GhostSignal

5 years ago#10
Good to see people painting Desolation in a positive light, it's a great server imo and populated well at all times of the day & night.
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