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Warrior vs Guardian?

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User Info: Excalibur99

5 years ago#1
I plan to make a new character. I like dealing damage, especially spike damage. I'd imagine Warrior fits this but I've heard from some people that Guardian is better.
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User Info: VicViperMkIII

5 years ago#2
warrior greatsword.

Biggest burst damage on a low cooldown around

User Info: Aceallways

5 years ago#3
VicViperMkIII posted...
warrior greatsword.

Biggest burst damage on a low cooldown around

This. You might like thief though.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

5 years ago#4
Guardian if you just want to be completely op, Warrior if you want to blow up noobs in 2 seconds.

User Info: ArcticPlague

5 years ago#5
Guardian if you want melee and be on the front lines and FLASH BLUE FLAMES

Warrior if you just want to play traditional

User Info: azuresou1

5 years ago#6
Warrior Greatsword is bar none the best burst damage class/weapon combo in the game. Only issue is that the big burst damage skill (Hundred Blades) is channeling and roots you in place. Still an excellent class though, as much as you'll see people rag on it for being "n00b" (they just jelly).
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User Info: Rthan

5 years ago#7
Only having played both till lv 35 I think the Guardian is MUCH stronger overall.

The warrior's 100 blade skill does the most damage out of any attack I have seen so far, but the rooting you in place sucks, most mobs after the newbie areas just run away from the skill leaving you to hit the air while they range you, if you try to follow it cancels the skill. Not to mention Warrior's GS condition is cripple which sucks when mobs arent trying to run away from you, merely make you miss, as it doesnt help you kill faster, or mitigate damage.

The guardian has 2 AMAZING skills on the greatsword, "leap of faith" which jumps you into the action while inflicitng blind on anyone close by to target (this is huge !!), and "Whirling Blade" which is a devastating attack as well, but this one actually lets you move(albeit slowly) around while whirling and owning mobs. Add to that the fact that the Guardian's condition is burning (which helps kill mobs waaaayyyyy faster) and you got yourself an amazing killer that can survive relatively easy as well.
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User Info: brentsonier

5 years ago#8
yea i just made a warrior and started using the greatsword. its totally badazzzz

User Info: Blackmon

5 years ago#9
Then they decide to hit warrior with the nerf bat and it all goes down the drain :)

User Info: Golden_Mean

5 years ago#10
Only bad players don't know how to counter the hundred blades/bullrush (I'm not trying to be a learn-to-play ass, but seriously, it's easy to counter if you actually give it some thought). Bunker guardian is always consistent . You honestly cannot win a respectable tournament without at least 1 guardian on your team, you can do without a warrior.
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