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So...I'm done.

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User Info: bremen

5 years ago#1
Two Characters level 80
World Completion 100%
All dungeons (story/explorable paths) completed.
Story complete.
Full Exotics Armor/Weapon Set(s)
Cultural Tier 3 Armor set
Abyss / Celestial Dyes
Bunch of random dungeon gear (lots of tokens to do nothing with)
Several crafts at 400
Killed all Dragons
All secret/jumping puzzles complete

I could play keg toss some more, or PvP, or WvW, but those things have run their course for me really, not finding them much fun anymore and not getting any rewards from them at this point that I don't already have.

I could go for a Legendary but the amount of work for a "skin" difference isn't really something that interests me. I could level another character, but why? Repeating the same content I've already done twice isn't fun.

I joined a guild to run with guild mates randomly or help them out when needed, but not a ton of stuff there happening and it's a very large guild. I don't see that lasting from a fun perspective.

Right now I mostly log in and stand around hoping someone shouts for something in Lion Gate that might be interesting enough for me to do. It rarely happens.

Are there other things to do that I'm missing? Help me out, I'd like to log on to have things to do.
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User Info: Sputnik1337

5 years ago#2
From: bremen | #001
Are there other things to do that I'm missing?

nope, you're supposed to stop playing now.

User Info: lilj812

5 years ago#3
Reroll a new class. 6 more classes to go.
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User Info: bluezero

5 years ago#4
Play another game for a bit, you've put a lot of hours into this one. Come back for new content. Or PvP WvW.

User Info: CruxisInhibitor

5 years ago#5
Because PvE is single-player, skill design is weak, customization is almost non-existent because ArenaNet refuses to do balance work, grouping is redundant, and combat is not mentally engaging. There's absolutely no reason to go back to areas you've already visited. The dungeon armors are way too easy to acquire because they are relatively short and the superficial insertion of "Legendary" weapons isn't much of an endgame. Messing with the mystic forge isn't endgame, it's not grouping up with people and running builds, theorycrafting, etc because this game is just too simple and restrictive. There is literally nothing to do because of the way the combat and content is set up. You could PvP, but it's not fun because it's just point capture DPS race. Don't ever play a Guardian in PvP, good luck killing anything and to make it worse they can't even heal effectively. : Black FC: 2322 5597 1384
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User Info: BoOfTantar9

5 years ago#6 sounds like you should quit for a while. I mean you must have around 300 hours in this game or something. Time to take a break and wait for the expansion.
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User Info: WyldKaarde

5 years ago#7
Find a girl or guy wathever you prefer, enjoy life and come back later :)
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User Info: A_Caveman

5 years ago#8
You should probably play a different game.

I'm impressed by the fact that you can claim that the chase for meaningless virtual progression has entertained you, so I'll recommend trying out Korean MMOs in the same vein.

Their progression is a lot slower, so you'll have more time to waste before you get to give yourself a pat on the back.

Why do people play this game exclusively for PVE?

User Info: RogueDark

5 years ago#9
You go play some x-com or dishonored to take a break.
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User Info: Pijinz

5 years ago#10
Try some Borderlands 2.
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