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Elementalists, walk me through your battle strategy

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User Info: NeverMore0

5 years ago#1
So you're playing PVE and you come across a monster you want to kill. What skills do you use in what order? I've noticed that my equal level warrior seems to kill things faster than my elementalist so I'm trying to tweak my strategy a bit for better results. I use scepter/dagger but I'm interested in methods with any weapon types.

User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#2
you're not going to kill a single mob faster than a warrior. if you are really good, i guess you can kill multiple mobs faster by getting them together and AOE.

User Info: Aceallways

5 years ago#3
As a level 80 ele I feel the class needs a buff.

User Info: clowning

5 years ago#4
Depends on the monster and its level. If it's just a trash mob, I 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 it, basically...with fire. If it's a veteran or something that I can't wipe out quickly, then I use earth, and blind/kite/KD/bleed it to death.

I use scepter/dagger when I'm running around, but in group situations I use a staff. D/D is really fun, too, but I don't usually use that set-up.

In general, I use condition damage and defensive abilities (blinds, knockdown, stun) to kill the tougher mobs. Easier mobs I just wipe out with fire.

In groups, I use my staff mostly, doing aoe damage and combo fields and support/heals.

Remember, eles are aoe masters. They can take on lots of opponents at once because their blinds, stuns etc. are all aoe/multiple targets, and they can use golems as cannon fodder, too. Eles are also very versatile with the various elements.

On the subject of elements, do not stay in one only. For instance, you might want to start with earth and stack some bleeds, then switch to fire and do some damage, switch to air and blind/stun, then back to earth to bleed some more.... Ele requires a lot of attention and focus to play well.
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User Info: DiamondBlade82

5 years ago#5
clowning posted...

Remember, eles are aoe masters. They can take on lots of opponents at once because their blinds, stuns etc. are all aoe/multiple targets, and they can use golems as cannon fodder, too. Eles are also very versatile with the various elements.



And yes OP, my Warrior can and has took on two vets and 4-5 additional mobs at the same time smashing them while walking away with her health above 50% so its not just you. The class is underpowered right now outside of a very few gimmicky builds. ANET has already stated Ele's need help especially in the D/D area.

My eley, no matter how good I play her, would never be able to do the same, tho she is much funner to play than my warrior.

Since you dont play D/D i wont elaborate on that to much, but with staff you REALLY must take advantage of your combo fields. This is what a good Staff Eley is all about.

Your lighting/Fire/Ice/Water fields can give Area Swiftness/Might/Frost Armor/Healing to your allies, and Area Vulnerability/Weakness/Chill to your foes in range.

There are a few builds out there that use a mixture of traits and these buffs to maintain perma-swiftness or 10-15+ Stacks of Might, Etc. Earth 2 with your Staff is your blast Finisher.

So depending on your Situation and whats needed you will drop earth 2 down, swap over to your element thats needed (lets say your fighting an Ettin and need to Kite) so in this case air, throw Air 5 right on top of Earth 2 and once earth two explodes you just gave yourself swiftness and assuming the Ettins in range, gave him vulnerability. Now you can proceed to push him away/blind him, swap to Fire and start doing some damage with Fire 2 and 3.

If you can manage to drop 30 points into Arcane and get Evasive Arcana, this will give you access to 2 additional blast finishers in which to take advantage of your fields. With this trait you dont have to drop Earth 2, you simply cast your desired field, and dogde roll INTO the field triggering the Blast effect.

Also, Arcane Wave is another blast finisher you can equip on your utility to give you another option to use your fields. Lets say your low on health and need a big heal.

You swap over the water

Water 5
Arcane Wave
Dodge Rolllx2 if needed.

This prots 3 Area Healing blasts, not only giving you full health depending on how your specced for healing, but giving any allies in range full health also. Dungeon runners love this build from Eleys and its one of the few builds that actually work.

User Info: theject

5 years ago#6
How to win as an Elementalist in Guild Wars 2.

Start in elemental stance 1.
Press 2345.
Switch to elemental stance 2.
Press 2345.
Switch to elemental stance 3.
Press 2345.
Switch to elemental stance 4.
Press 234567890.
Are you dead?
Yes? Sucks for you.
No? Start over.
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User Info: James43090

5 years ago#7
Elementalists can dagger/dagger the Champion risen giant solo but it takes a long time. Warriors have quite a bit of trouble doing this.

Toughness/water/arcana build for this.

I can make a video of this tomorrow but its going to be a boring watch :p

User Info: ModLogic

5 years ago#8
wait till someone else engages enemy.

stand back , spam 1 fire skill
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User Info: Lysamus

5 years ago#9
Conjure lightning hammer and spam 1. Works for any number of enemies in a tight group, as the third strike in sequence applies a blind and high damage effect on everyone around you, and you swing the hammer fast enough to reapply the blind before most enemies can spend the debuff.

Add the conjurer trait that comes with 20 points in Fire, and you can reliably use this weapon as your primary PvE mob cleaner (although this requires you picking up your own conjured hammer after spending the charges of the first one).
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User Info: havok718

5 years ago#10
Yup the best thing about elementalists is conjure weapons and not playing like an elementalist.
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