Elementalists, walk me through your battle strategy

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User Info: clowning

5 years ago#11
DiamondBlade82 posted...
clowning posted...

Remember, eles are aoe masters. They can take on lots of opponents at once because their blinds, stuns etc. are all aoe/multiple targets, and they can use golems as cannon fodder, too. Eles are also very versatile with the various elements.



Yes. Sorry if you can't, but a well played ele CAN, and I have always killed multiple mobs by kiting, bleeding, KDs and blinding. And yes, they have multiple foe blinds with signet of air and scepter earth #3.
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User Info: Rthan

5 years ago#12
If its just a trash mob or a group of them I actually can kill them faster than my warrior (mostly because I dont have to chase them after they tech out of 100 blades like the jerks they are).

I am D/D, if I see a group I want to kill for no other reason than to satisfy my libido, than I go in with fire skill 3 (the boot one that makes you charge into the group very fast and explode on them), I follow with Ring of Fire, then I allow for a couple of auto attacks, if anything else is still standing, or there was a veteran mob I finish it off with number 2 Fire Breath.

Against the stronger mobs (such as DE bosses or champions) this strategy will get you killed, so dont do it. It only works for overpowering weak garbage, against stronger mobs as much as I hate it, I have to switch to staff, or go attunement switching (which bores me to tears).
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User Info: Azharra

5 years ago#13
I play staff and it's pretty weak even on 1 to 1.

I start off with fire cause that's my favorite attunement and use up the skills on it. I'll repeat fire skills until my health drops down to about 50% in which I'll switch to water and plop the two heals quickly. Then I use water skills until they are all on cool down in which I'll switch to air and then earth.

I rotate like this and it feels like I barely survive with my health being constantly below 50%. Other healing signets take a long time to cool down that you can only use it like every other 3rd/4th fight.

I have the most fun doing DEs with large mobs when my Arcane wave can tag a lot for drops.
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User Info: GumpNation

5 years ago#14
Dual Dagger:

Lighting Attunement:

Ride Lighting -> Lighting Touch -> Updraft -> Shocking Aura

Switch to Fire Attunement:

Burning Speed -> Drakes Breath -> Fire Grab -> Ring Of Fire -> Arcane Blast

Switch to Earth Attunement:

Earthquake -> Magnetic Grasp -> Churning Earth

Switch to Water Attunement:

Heal On Switch -> Cleansing Wave -> Frozen Burst -> Cone Of Cold -> Frost Aura

Switch Back to Lightning Attunement:

Kite While Waiting on CDs -> Repeat

User Info: Chrono007

5 years ago#15
I'm in the level 70 area with a condition, power, and vit equipment and a staff. To kill a single mob, I start with the earth aoe that bleeds (2) and follow up with the single target immobilize (5) (more bleeding too) then switch to fire and burn (3), aoe (2) and then finish with auto attack 1... this kills most targets. Against tougher monsters, it's pretty much the same strategy except I use the other immobilize and crippling skills (water and earth have one, air I use the skill that pushes them away from me).

I also carry both elemental summons and arcane wave.
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User Info: NeverMore0

5 years ago#16
Thanks for the ideas guys. Elementalists may be underpowered but at least we've got Tornado, right?

User Info: Elestriel

5 years ago#17
With Staff against vets, I generally follow something along the lines of:

Earth: 2, 4, 5 (3 if against a ranged enemy, timed to one of their big attacks), 2
Switch to Fire: 2, 3, 2
Switch to Air: 2, 4, 5
Switch to Earth for more bleeds if needed
Switch to Fire if quick damage will finish off the enemy

...More or less.
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User Info: InfernoCrossing

5 years ago#18
From: NeverMore0 | #016
Thanks for the ideas guys. Elementalists may be underpowered but at least we've got Tornado, right?


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User Info: kairyn

5 years ago#19
I'm with rthan on this. Double dagger fire. Jump in with 3 then drop 4 finish with 5 or 2. If its a group maybe arcane blast.
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User Info: Atralis

5 years ago#20
Grab arcane blast and arcane power for your utility skills. dash in with fire pop arcane power, use 4 (the fire field), arcane blast, and fire grab (5) pop into air, kick them over with 5 dash back in insantly with 4, and then if they are still alive use 2 and then 3 to blind them and then get a stun defense up. Then switch the earth and stun them or something.

In big team fights use the big earth attack with arcane power then stun (4), then 2, then fire stance and blow them up with the fire field + arcane blast + fire dash + ice breath.

I could go on and on but you get the idea. Abuse the absurdly powerful arcane power and arcane blast utility spells and jump between your elements a lot an you will be golden.
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