How many characters you got?

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User Info: Lurker557

5 years ago#11
1 and it's lvl 68... >.>

User Info: Elestriel

5 years ago#12
Human Elementalist who hit 80 last night and is too poor to buy cool new 80 gear - Running with greens for now, WOO!
Sylvari Ranger who's about level 10 and will be getting some attention very soon.
"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" - Cesar A. Cruz

User Info: Starkindler201

5 years ago#13
Four, but only one is higher than level 11.

User Info: haker10201

5 years ago#14
Five. I've got a level 73 Mesmer, 50 Ele, 13 Ranger, 13 Warrior, and 7 Guardian. I have one more free slot, which I'll probably use to make a Necro, but not until I get these characters leveled some more. I want to have the Mesmer to 80 by Sunday (love Mesmer to death, by far my favorite class so far), and I'm probably going to get the Ranger to 80 next, or at least as close as I can get it.
PSN: Haker10201

User Info: Ubergrim3

5 years ago#15
3, though I had 4 at one point. 80 Engineer, 80 thief, 20 guardian, and the one I recently deleted was a 7 mesmer.

I generally can't focus on more than one character at a time, so I usually take one to 80, gear him, then move on to a new guy.
I can wire anything directly into anything! I'm the Professor! - The Professor

User Info: GoatJugSoup

5 years ago#16
6, created all 5 instantly so I would be able to get bday presents as soon as possible (im making the assumption they will still exist as they did in gw1, no idea what they will contain but im interested to find out), then bought one with gems as soon as I had enough gold to do the gem conversion. The plan was to get 8 character slots, 1 for each class but the price of gems rose so quickly
GW2 Character Name: Ranger Goat of Yogi, Guild: Knights of Chicken

User Info: kenshee1111

5 years ago#17
1, my level 80 warrior, who's been level 80 for a long time now.

I don't get the allure of going back to a low level character until I'm bored with this one tbh...
I will make another character eventually, to go through everything very slowly, doing all the events from start to finish (with a guide so I know where they start >.>), but that's not anytime soon.
My life's a horrible game because of its MC.

User Info: bluezero

5 years ago#18
5, but only the warrior gets play time.
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