Lost Shores?!

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User Info: Jordo_d

4 years ago#11
the "one time event" will lead up to the zone being unlocked....ala Lost Shores

which is Sea of Sorrows....we might see some Bubbles actions if we're lucky
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User Info: scarygrin

4 years ago#12
Pikaley posted...
where did u guys find this? didnt see any announcement on game front page or wiki
"Provide proof of this article, I just googled and found nothing" - Xeeh Bitz

User Info: ShinFTW

4 years ago#13
yeah the whole one time event that will change tyria forever leads me to believe its an event that opens an island zone, kinda like the event that opened AQ. maybe not that grand of scale but still, changing Tyria forever just means changing the map..... i would assume.

User Info: holiday1021

4 years ago#14

I'm calling it now.
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User Info: scarygrin

4 years ago#15
Preview I saw today:
"Provide proof of this article, I just googled and found nothing" - Xeeh Bitz

User Info: horheristo

4 years ago#16
On top of my mixed feelings about their lies, scams and lack of caring towards cheaters...

They know their stuff when it comes to adding content, no one can take it away from Anet.

User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
4 years ago#17
I'm thinking so. "a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!" Unless it's going to do big things to the other zones... which would be interesting in itself.

Nobody knows for sure, but I'm thinking "permanent content update, inaugurated by a one-time event".

IF that is the case, than the event will be temporary, but the content (implied to be the Sea of Sorrows - which I know will thrill all you fans of underwater combat!) will stay forever.

An optimistic hope? Perhaps. But it just.... doesn't have the feel of a singular event, especially as it doesn't appear to relate to any November holiday I'm aware of.

Also, one thing I'd like to add: There are hints in Lion's Arch. Signs, if you will. LITERAL signs.

The most prevalent one is a poster plastered all over the city. It appears to be pirate-themed, because the lines I was able to read well enough to translate (from New Krytan, of course) were "Avast!", "Ahoy all ye landlubbers!" and "Arr you ready?".

Second, I found a sign on a beach near the Tenanera's Pit POI, reading "Danger: Enter at your own risk".

There was a third sign, which I forget the exact location of and did not make an effort to translate.

Lastly, not a sign, but there is a beached WHALE west of the piers SW of the Lion's Court plaza. (If you're right next to it, you can even hear its piteous cry.)

You know, between that whale, and the diagrams on the two signs (not the pirate poster), I even have a new theory here. And if THIS theory is right, the one-time-only event they allude to may be more significant than any of us think.

... ... ...

And with that sentence, I have somehow hyped myself up for this new update.
"As the good archmage often admonishes me, I ought not to let my mind wander, as it's too small to go off by itself." -Danilo Thann

User Info: TiegerJD

4 years ago#18
You should find this interesting Duke:


All the posters and signs that have been translated.
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