why is guild wars 2 adding the gear treadmill?

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User Info: luinks

4 years ago#41
Duke Darkwood posted...
What is the source on all this? I don't see any mention in their main page, my login notes, or the Announcements forum.

its on a merged thread duke, from this article:

so far we are just speculating, lets see how it rolls (or trolls)

User Info: Randomsn

4 years ago#42
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Randomsn posted...
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Randomsn posted...
tehdud posted...
Basically them folding and admitting their current game idea fails.

Not until they start adding new armor tiers on a regular basis. It makes sense to add new armor with new challenge level of content, it doesn't make sense to make patches just to introduce said armor sets for people to grind for. Now, are they planning to keep adding new content like this periodically with new armor tiers? I kinda doubt that, but we shall see. If anything, it'll be a steady stream of new things to do (but hopefully not new things we have to grind for).

So WoW's gear system makes sense then, thanks for admitting it.

They release new tier gear, along with new higher challenge dungeons/raids to obtain it.

So why you guys QQing about a gear system anyway? LOL, a lot of two faced individuals play this game

Not what I said, nice try though. What I think will happen is they will not release any more tiers of armor until their first expansion hits at least, even if they keep adding new zones, etc. Maybe they just want to add new level of armor on par with legendary weapons? Maybe this is their "legendary" armor? Idk, we shall see.

Also WoW had this thing called seasons where basically the whole pvp scene was periodcially reset just so people could grind for new gear all over again.

Yeah, not after 2 months of release lol

Yeah, 2 months in they didn't even have the honor system implemented yet, iirc. If the idea had occured to them sooner or if they had the means back then, I'm sure they would have done it near release.

User Info: SonyHoundDawg

4 years ago#43
Because thats what people want to do in these types of games.

They want to grind mindlessly for hours for something.

GW2 tried something different but failed.

ANET is just accomodating the players.

Most MMO's have raids.

Even Diablo 3 added all those paragon levels and more of a grind.

GW2 doesnt have anything so ANET is just accomodating the players.

User Info: random_noobie

4 years ago#44
or, we can be sensible people and wait for the blogpost that they said would come about this and see what happens.

but nope, gotta rage and whine on the forums.
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User Info: Edavy89

4 years ago#45
Hey xeeh, can we trade lives? I wish I had so much free time that i could spend all day flaming the message boards of a game I don't even like. Instead i'm stuck having a productive life. :-(

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

4 years ago#46
Edavy89 posted...
Hey xeeh, can we trade lives? I wish I had so much free time that i could spend all day flaming the message boards of a game I don't even like. Instead i'm stuck having a productive life. :-(

'eh, get a job where you can internetz instead of a manual labor job with no access to a PC.
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User Info: dejavu1982

4 years ago#47
So.... there was a gear treadmill from 1-80...... but now people are whining because there is one after 80? and nobody even said we have to grind JUST dungeons for them.

User Info: Ness0123456789

4 years ago#48
...Why are people upset at this?

No, really, why are you upset about this? The idea of progressing your character at 80 beyond just farming gold to buy Exotics off the Black Market should be a happy, rejoiceful moment.

Or were you happy capping your character and getting the best gear in a week and doing nothing in PvE outside of CoF for the same exotic sets that everyone and their dog has because it's easy to do?

And no, this is not going to affect WvW in the slightest. That mode is already unbalanced as all hell because level scaling system. Adding a new tier of armor isn't going to make it any worst off than it already is. WvW is really just something for PvEers that don't enjoy Structured PvP to do, and is obviously not something Anet is putting much focus on when it comes to balance. If they were, it would set up like Structured PvP is.

And on that note, structured PvP will remain wholly un-phased by this. So long as that remains the case, there is nothing wrong with Anet adding a Gear Treadmill, no matter what it's size, to the game.
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User Info: SecureGamer

4 years ago#49
Wtf man I worked damn hard for that Citadel of Flamer exotic set.
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User Info: Reikken

4 years ago#50
Ness0123456789 posted...
...Why are people upset at this?

because it will affect WvW in the slightest. Yes, it will be pretty slight (unless the difference between this new tier and exotic turns out not to be slight), but it will most certainly affect it.
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