When is guild wars 3 coming out?

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User Info: Dark_Lance

5 years ago#1
Can't wait.
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User Info: GuiltyGear1682

5 years ago#2
it's already out
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User Info: Meepski

5 years ago#3
Well, considering that Guild Wars 2 just came out a few months ago, and the development time for Guild Wars 2 was around five years, I'd say it'd be a few years before it's even announced. And this is all assuming Guild Wars 3 is going to be a real thing or not.

I'm pretty sure that they're gonna release some big expansion packs like they did with Guild Wars 1, possibly adding new races or classes, and making some of the unreachable areas of the map accessible (Crystal Desert, Blazeridge Mountains, etc.). At least I hope they do that, because the Crystal Desert sounds really cool. :P

TL;DR, Guild Wars 3 isn't even announced yet, expansion packs for Guild Wars 2 are likely.
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User Info: jivebeaver

5 years ago#4
gw3 coming in 5 years and featuring new mmo concepts such as "direct trade"
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  3. When is guild wars 3 coming out?

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