How would you improve Guild Wars 2 in one sentence?

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User Info: Excalibur99

4 years ago#11
Revamp on combat system.
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User Info: boktai3

4 years ago#12
make it so exp/money gained from going back to zones was actully viable, doing a quest in orr is almost half a bar, going back to another zone and doing a quest is like finding a PoI in town, almost nothing at 80.

User Info: DraconisRex

4 years ago#13
Additional social functions -- LFG, Guild Halls, Personal residences that can be decorated & upgraded (including farming crops and orchards for cooks).
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User Info: clowning

4 years ago#14
Vastly improved "personal" stories and a home instance that is meaningful and useful.
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User Info: kppgno

4 years ago#15
Guild Halls,Personal homes, dungeon finders,less mobs in Orr

User Info: Lord Plothos

Lord Plothos
4 years ago#16
Slower respawn rates, petless rangers in PvP, no tab/auto-targeting anything offscreen, and all skills working as intended (what a concept).
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User Info: Blutonic

4 years ago#17
More Death Metal.

User Info: azuresou1

4 years ago#18
Expanding endgame content by increasing mob mechanics, not by requiring vertical progression
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User Info: koboldwarrior77

4 years ago#19
New dev team.

User Info: Mechangmenow

4 years ago#20
Sounds like dueling and more personal instanced (guild halls, homes) are in high demand!

Another way to improve Guild Wars 2: eliminate ascended tier and agony, replace with more skins.

Honestly I feel like the ascended tier and agony doesn't really add anything to the game, nor does it detract significantly. But if I were Anet, I'd just backtrack and take it out.
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