Group Events :(

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User Info: JenniferTate

4 years ago#11
Jade Quarry has people on it?
I don't take the orders from the war room anymore
This is one recruit who surrenders

User Info: scarygrin

4 years ago#12
LoL @Xeeh
"Provide proof of this article, I just googled and found nothing" - Xeeh Bitz

User Info: Wii_kid_bf2142

4 years ago#13
I shake my head at everyone who missed the obvious Silent Hill 2 reference
Why is everyone keen on being a Spy / Sniper?
Because their handles are either xXxKwIkSkOpExXx or xXxD4rkS4Suk3xXx -- UrCa1988

User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#14
first, learn to solo, second there are plenty of people on
GW2 Character Name: Ranger Goat of Yogi, Guild: Knights of Chicken

User Info: BenjiPOTF

4 years ago#15
I think you might be chat shy. try using map chats.
you'll be surprised how many people there are in supposedly dead zones.

they dont respond most f the time but if they run into you and you are whooping butt on your own people want to join group to steam roll.
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