So... Have anyone tried RO2? How is GW2 compared to RO2?

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  3. So... Have anyone tried RO2? How is GW2 compared to RO2?

User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
4 years ago#11
If its like RO, and not like it at the same time, i might try it.
Give me my god DAMN TEA!
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User Info: IndigoIce

4 years ago#13
I wish RO2sea has good technical service compared to GW2.

RO2 just delayed their OBT to 3rd January 2013 due to "technical difficulties" on their launch date yesterday.

GW2 handled their stress test better.

User Info: IndigoIce

4 years ago#14
5th January 2013 update:

I played for these 2.5 days. I'd say it's a good mmorpg.
The social and progression element in RO2 is very strong. It knows how to make players feel rewarded as they progresses. I don't have to grind at all. I'm reaching level 20 and the story quest is still on-going. I'll say more about my experiences.

I'm playing with a group. After Lv10, it gets harder to solo. You must be in a party or else you'll be snailing from "sit recover" every 2-3 kills. This is something which I love in mmorpg. You group up with people. It's unlike GW2 where you burn through all the content solo except for the last boss. The experience of journeying together through the harder times brings about friendship and joy.

It's pretty easy to find a party in RO2. It's because everyone knows they need one. In GW2, no matter how much I shout for a party, no one answered. There's no need for party in GW2 since dynamic events are there where passer-bys help or ignore. In RO2, you can just walk to a stranger and ask for a party. The joy of playing together and helping each other is the experience real mmorpg'ers seek for. Think of SAO anime if you watched it.

In GW2, you meet acquintances after acquintances. In RO2, you meet strangers that become friends. Everyone you meet in RO2 will definitely leave an impression in the memories accumulate throughout the entire RO2 journey. You see parties help each other complete each member previous quests in the map.

RO2 has a very good psychology aspect during development. It's expected since Ragnarok was one of the top mmorpg in asia. It knows how to make players feel rewarded with little efforts. It doesn't feel like a grind when we know we feel a sense of award. There's always something to look forward. In comparison with GW2, GW2 is all about the experience of the gameplay. GW2 exploration of map are the rewards themselves. It lacks reward and doesn't make player feel anticipated to do something more. While the optional in GW2 feels like a grind, the optional in RO2 feels like something to look forward everytime. RO2 is definitely much better than GW2 is this department.


Players should also know that RO2 has a poor server management. Firstly, OBT got delayed by a week due to overwhelming response. They didn't have any stress test like GW2. Secondly, it wasn't clear that RO2 sea is only for 4 countries. They IP ban westerners, PH and Indonesia during OBT. Players in those country felt used and betrayed because alot of them are CBT testers.

Part of it was because they didn't expect RO2 sea to be over demand. Alot of those players played GW2 too. The game probably didn't expect the overwhelming amount of players because they thought after GW2 release, lesser people are going to play RO2. This is wrong. It was shown evidently that GW2 players need a real mmorpg to play. GW2 can't be called a mmorpg, but a whole new genre of multi-player adventure game. This made the crash on the 27th December.

Expect all 15-20 channels to be full to the brink and you can't access the game. This was something that made me irritated. It made me wish that it had GW2 capacity of letting players go online. GW2 handled the servers affair better than RO2. Another thing I wished RO2 had the neatness of textbox like in GW2.

Edit: I like this photo. It portrays RO2 well.
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  3. So... Have anyone tried RO2? How is GW2 compared to RO2?

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