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User Info: reww

4 years ago#11
Playing a guardian currently. I can say that when Gw2 came out I was pretty into the old republic. And I remember grinding on EQ before quests were really around.

I don't mind crafting to much, but half the time I don't have the mats or I need to backtrack and get more mats.
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User Info: EternalFlame66

4 years ago#12
I didn't know this game even had level grinding.
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User Info: Gojak_v3

4 years ago#13
I leveled three characters at the same time. It helped to keep things fresh when things start to feel redundant on a certain character.

User Info: Jedahpr

4 years ago#14
You talking about level grind? Try FFXI… I remember getting a level would take days… sometimes weeks.
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User Info: reww

4 years ago#15
Played FFXI also. Only lvl capped one job had a few in 50's never got those legendary weapons there F that. I hated Dynamis and I was always poor. I may just take a break from Guardian and try out ranger or elementist for a bit.
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User Info: TheBroodsRaxon

4 years ago#16
I recommend rolling an alt or two of a different race to "keep things fresh"

My guardian is my main and I love it, but when I get tired of using the same class mechanics, I log onto one of my lower level alts (Thief or Ele) and do the quests on another part of the world. This is actually one of the only MMOs I've played where I truly enjoy a good variety of the classes it offers (WoW I only ever played Shaman, TOR I enjoyed my Smuggler alt but the quests were exactly the same as my Knight since it was such a linear game, LOTRO I only played Ranger)

Outside of that, if you feel like you have to "grind" because you're a couple levels behind the next heart on that map, finish exploring zones you may not have finished, take some time to gather and craft, or run some dungeons.
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User Info: Kagerasu

4 years ago#17
I usually rotate my characters :)

One thing that kinda sucks, is if you are in your mid levels 30-60 it's pretty expensive for a new guy if you wanna swap weapon sets since that requires not only re-speccing but most of the time buying new gear.

Example, a p/p thief would want power/precision/crit, but if I wanted to go d/d death blossom for aoe (ya know sick and tired of single target) I would need to buy condition damage gear and stuff.

As much as I love having a variety of weapon sets, it really doesn't apply to the poor during leveling :P

User Info: BenjiPOTF

4 years ago#18
CruxisInhibitor posted...
There's no reason to really group, it's a numbers game because the skill system is currently in its' infancy. It's pretty much a solo grind to 80 then dungeons / FoTM grind for gear, then if you're really a big masochist, you can solo or group grind for a legendary.

On the being a Masochist/badass I've done plenty of dungeons at lvl and done pretty well sad part is a lot of people are wimps and dont want anyone under 80 for any dungeons.

heck lvl 10 is my lowest lvl for completing fractals up to fractals lvl3 after that too many people were crying before giving me a chance.

I still find groups that go for the challenge but so far i only have 3 on my friends list need 1 more and Im set.
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