Why is there no "Power - Precision - Toughness" gear?!

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  3. Why is there no "Power - Precision - Toughness" gear?!

User Info: Ronteque

4 years ago#1
I am checking out sPvP with both a Warrior and Guardian.. still can't decide on who to main.

On my Guardian, I would go with KNIGHT for the Power - Precision - Vitality..

But why is there no Power - Precision - Toughness amulet? Does that mean there is no such stat combination even in the open world PvE, WvW?

Because if I am building a Warrior, I would want to stat for toughness instead of vitality.

User Info: Witch Elf

Witch Elf
4 years ago#2
Knight's gear IS power, precision, and toughness.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#3
I think you have that backwards. Knight's armor has Power/Precision/Toughness, but nothing offers Power/Precision/Vitality.

Valkyrie comes the closest with Power/Vitality/Crit Damage, I guess.
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User Info: Ronteque

4 years ago#4
I am talking about the PvP Knight's Amulet. I haven't go to a high level at PvE yet..
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User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#6
There is knights gear. But... I don't think it is droppable, I've certainly never seen it. Just had it crafted.

User Info: ModLogic

4 years ago#7
ive only had rare knight drops, not exotics
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User Info: ilovemudding

4 years ago#8

User Info: Ronteque

4 years ago#9
So.. The PVP KNIGHT AMULET = Power Precision vitality???

While Knight ARMOR SET = Power Precision Toughness???

User Info: RushUnplugged

4 years ago#10
PvP items don't have the same stats-names as the PVE items.

Knight is one of the crafted PVE sets and it's indeed Power-Prec/Thoughness.
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  3. Why is there no "Power - Precision - Toughness" gear?!

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