What's your favorite armor combinations?

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User Info: BlademanL

4 years ago#1
So, just like the topic title says, what combination of armor pieces do you think looks the best? Right now I'm running an Asuran Engineer with Inquest chest, arms, and boots with noble shoulders. They fit with the armor and (to me) look better than the inquest shoulder pad.
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User Info: xxtatataxx

4 years ago#2
human female thief with full cultural tier 3. and i love it.
human female mesmer with winged set. i kinda want to mix between HotW and CoE armor but too lazy to farm.
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User Info: NorthVanCanuck

4 years ago#3
Asura Elementalist with full Exalted. I've used it forever, I love it.

User Info: Spirit_of_Myst

4 years ago#4
Sylvari Necro
CoF legs, CM shirt, arah shoulders

User Info: DraconisRex

4 years ago#5
Right now my 80-guardian is using the heavy armor you see on many of the Lionguard's. I like it because it's very clean, simple and fills the vision I have for the character (Heavy Plate Female). My 80-Charr warrior is a hodge-podge right now, (banded mail breastplate + pit fighter's + barbaric + gladiator) but will go straight to draconic armor (Draconic Male) once I start working on his final set.

All my leather wearing 80s are using Noble armor with the pirate hate. Yarr! Sadly, I have no fixed idea what I want for my final sets... I'm not very happy with the whole leather armor thing...

I haven't yet acquired the armor I want for my level 80 light armor wearers. But right now, both are fitted out with complete Masquerade. My plan is to get the male mesmer into Vigil light armor and the female elementalist into the Cadecus Manor light.

The thief and necromancer haven't hit 80 yet. So I haven't put in any time on their final skins.
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User Info: BigBlueFoot

4 years ago#6
I really like 2 particular mixed heavy sets. One would be SE chest and legs, with AC pauldrons, gloves, and boots. Second is the same, only with HotW chest and legs. Works really well, I think. Also especially nice since AC is such an easy dungeon to get tokens for, not to mention the armor being less tokens in the first place.

User Info: Earthshaker

4 years ago#7
Got two at the moment for my ranger - full T2 cultural Asura medium in orange and gold (transmuted some exotic crafted Magic Find things) and, for if I'm actually trying to contribute to a teamfight, full TA medium. I love how the armor blends, even if nobody but me can really see it.
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User Info: Lark_XII

4 years ago#8
This is my main characters setup it looks slick to me so yeah, I'm a norn warrior by the way.

Whispers helm
Arms of koda/HotW shoulder pads.
Guild armor/chest piece.
Ascalonian gauntlets.
Fur of koda/HotW leggings.
Draconic boots.

And the colors are a mix of gold,ebony, and a deep red forgot the name. The armor/metallic parts are gold and the cloth is red... Looks really cool in my opinion.

User Info: gatorattack05

4 years ago#9
Full t3 human heavy or gtfo imo
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