GW2 killed "progression" further with Feburary updates.

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User Info: IndigoIce

4 years ago#1
[Before anyone assume this is a troll/fanboy attempt, I appreciate if you take your time to read before judging baselessly.]

The reason why players never return old maps is not because it's not challenging enough or less rewards.
The reason is that the players are burnt out after completing 100% map.
There is no real purpose to return to those maps.

Mmorpg'ers would be sad to see this update. This game is getting more incline towards adventure-genre than rpg-genre. I've played both RPG and Adventure games since PS1 era. I know what makes them different. Turn back your PS3/xbox disc covers and read the label. Play those games with those genres. You'll see adventure games is nothing about progression. When you go back to old areas, you're on equal par with the monsters and obstacles. There're similar elements like jumping puzzles and cosmetics. All these are found in adventure games.

With this update executed, levels are useless. There's no progression in it. In fact, Lv5 is equal to Lv80. In the current mechanic, at the very least you're able to hit a couple less in lower maps. Before, you can still feel a small sense that your role-play avatar has progressed. It was horizontal-incline but there's bits of progression for rpg players there.

There're no prestige of being higher level. In this case, they might as well scrap away it's level system and replace it with colour-code difficulty rating maps. Levels became just a number as a facade to players to think it's a progressing RPG. Same goes for equipments and craftings. They had these systems just for the sake of having them to make it look like a RPG on the exterior. But it's all a facade as a marketing plan to increase the hype of RPG-gamers along with the Adventure-gamers. Marketing the game under "mmorpg" name instead of just "MMO" is just a lure since they know the playerbase of mmorpgs in the market is huge.

I have no problem that they made the game into a MMO + adventure genre inclined game.
The developers has the right to create their own dream game. This is just to warn future potential players that if you're a strong RPG favored gamer and hated adventure/action games since PS1/nintendo/gameboy era, you should avoid this game. This MMO is just for adventure-favored gamers who have been finding a multi-player game like this. It's the players' taste. It's the game for them, not for rpg-genre lovers like us.

User Info: mooninomics

4 years ago#2
Honestly, I never noticed that change in the level scaling they were talking about. I'm getting better rewards like they said, but it's no harder than before.

When I was level 5 doing level 5 content, I had to move around once in a while and throw out a dozen or so hits per enemy, give or take. Even on a character at level 25 scaled down to level 5, I'm face-tanking things effortlessly and two-shotting nearly everything. Leveling still seems to increase the ass-kicking quotient quite dramatically.
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4 years ago#3
Levels are not gone, don't be stupid. The huge increases in power at lvl 30 and noticable increases in power every 5 levels due to traits is still there.
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User Info: Angelcient

4 years ago#4
EDIT: what the poster above me said

User Info: snaggleoooo

4 years ago#5
I think you're worrying far too much. I'm stomping low-level enemies with as much ease as I always have. My run today through TA story was even easier than my first time through, and this time it was with a PUG instead of with guildies on Teamspeak. If anything, I have found fighting mid-level enemies even easier than before. You can still faceroll your way over low-level mobs; it now just takes 2.2 hits instead of 2.

User Info: NoGaRdKniGht

4 years ago#6
I'm sorry, but part of the appeal of an RPG is the adventure of exploring new/dangerous places. It's not just about adding bigger numbers onto your character sheet. Who the hell is 'us' anyway?

Not to mention that the recent level scaling changes were not that drastic.

User Info: Kagerasu

4 years ago#7
So how does Magic Find work in Queensdale and Wayfarer's?

User Info: CaliberChamp

4 years ago#8
The update was a good thing. Tc, clearly doesn't know his genres of games. No need to over complicate things. And everyone already knows you are full of BS from all the other nonsense you posted
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User Info: HolyKnight199

4 years ago#9
I solo'd with ease a level 20 champion as a greatsword/shotgun warrior so as far as I know we are still massively overpowered even though scaled down.

The point of downscaling is not to kill progression, it's to prevent level 80 characters to one-shot group event bosses and finish all events before the low level characters even kill one monster. When everyone shares the same "quests" you can't allow one player to ruin it.

User Info: Kurir_Telmonkin

4 years ago#10
Personally i found that I usually did not have to worry about dodging much until about lvl 40+, varying on the class.

Because of this, lvl 5 in a lvl 5 area and lvl 25 in a 5 area dont seem much different, but level 40 in a lvl 40 area and lvl 80 in a lvl 40 area did feel like there was a difference. I could still die, but I could also deal a lot more punishment.
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