did anyone else struggle a bit with the controls to begin with?

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  3. did anyone else struggle a bit with the controls to begin with?

User Info: kamikaze_cat

4 years ago#1
I Know i'll get used to it, but right now i'm pretty clumsy and all over the place with the controls, in combat.
Sometimes running around, or barely moving whilst not attacking, remembering to just press the number keys. It just seems odd, clicking on an enemy, and nothing happening.
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User Info: funzyr

4 years ago#2
Right click will auto-attack with your number 1 skill by default.

User Info: dekou

4 years ago#3
The default controls are very clumsy, especially after you get some utility skills. You really don't have the time to press 8 in the middle of combat in this game.

I use ERF for my utilities, C for my elite, Z for my healing skill, space for dodging, Q for weapon swap, 1-4 for class abilities and mouse buttons for weapon skills. It works quite well.

User Info: Pikaley

4 years ago#4
lol i use wasd for movement and mouse/click everything else and i do just fine.....never really saw the use for many hotkeys and such......main thing i had trouble with was dodging(which comes with practice) and running in circle in combat while staying in range with my shortbow which i still have trouble with sometimes
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User Info: CaliberChamp

4 years ago#5
I have dodge, auto attack, and f1-f4 prof. Skills mapped to my mouse buttons. And I have shift+1-5 for utility skills. Plays perfect that way for me and maybe you yourself as well.
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User Info: SkimMilk1988

4 years ago#6
The one thing you should change is the option that makes it so if you double tap a movement key you roll in that direction. It sounds useful, but you end up rolling when you do not want to way too often. Its incredibly annoying in getting to vistas and do jumping puzzles.
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  3. did anyone else struggle a bit with the controls to begin with?

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