does anyone actually like the scaling your level down in low lvl areas?

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  3. does anyone actually like the scaling your level down in low lvl areas?

User Info: spiralbonds

4 years ago#41
thedarklordx3 posted...
originally I was going to respond to each of you individually, but that turned out to take a lot of work I wasn't willing to do and require me to like... quad post... so plan B:

strange that so many of you are supportive of this, I suppose some of you are fanboys, some of you have been searching for this your whole lives and finally found it, those of you who like the normal things either quit or never started playing,

I figure Anet is doing this either so that they don't have to bother making new content or because they have never played any other MMO... except rappelz which is the only MMO I can say that I liked the beginning part the best(it's straight downhill from there, typical boring MMO beginning, generic gameplay, almost nothing unique except for the cool graphics, and then you hit a wall as soon as you leave the tutorial island because the rest of the game is 100x worse and makes the beginning part look like endgame raiding in WoW)

still though, it kinda makes leveling pointless don't ya think? if you spend your lvl 80 time doing lvl 20 quests and dungeons, and aren't any stronger than you were before... then what exactly has changed since lvl 20?

whatever though, we can all agree to disagree... mostly cuz I've got f2p TERA and a maplestory event to catch up with

soooo enjoy this is the only level: the MMORPG

Originally I was going to respond to all of your posts, but then I realised it was too much work to address an ignorant person who was unwilling to try and see things from a different point of view.

Strange that you are so unsupportive of this, I suppose that you are a anti-fanboy of the game, you have been stuck in a well your whole life, and you are unwilling to listen to the points brought up by other people.

I figure Arenanet is not going to make new content just because there's a scaling down system. After all, level scaling automatically implies no new content.

Yeah I mean, leveling is pointless. Traits automatically turn themselves off the moment I step into somewhere below my level, and my character strips off his armour and puts on rags to simulate being level 1 again. I mean, what the hell!

Whatever though, I think we can all agree that you came here with a topic that asks people for their opinion, and decided that they were all opinions from fanboys. Mostly because you've already made up your mind about the subject before even asking the question.

User Info: Melon_Master

4 years ago#42
I like it, and to be honest I was a bit wary when I first heard of it. Sure there are the few times I'd like to be godly with an annoying little level 20 boss.. but in the long run I've preferred it.
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User Info: pidge27

4 years ago#43
I dislike it for a few reasons , mainly because if I want to help someone I want to be able to power lvl them feeling god like, I wish it was more like ff11 were the sync is optional.

User Info: pidge27

4 years ago#44
This reason alone could cause me to stop playing in the near furture, I cant seem to get a mmo that is 100 percent the way I want it since ff11 sigh...

User Info: ArcticPlague

4 years ago#45
I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to play with a lower level friend.

At the same time, I'm decked out in full exotics with an optimal build, so I do feel "godlike" despite the level decrease.
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User Info: IronySandwich

4 years ago#46
Yeah, I love it,.

Look, if you like going into lower level areas and 1-shotting everything, that's fine, but most of us don't like that. It doesn't make me feel "godlike" it makes me bored. Now, with the way leveling works here, I'm obviously more powerful for being a higher level, but not to the point of completely trivializing everything. If anything you feel legitimately more powerful since it gives a sense that you have gotten "stronger" in your travels, and not that all the enemies have suddenly contracted lightly-poke-them-and-they-fall-over-dead-itis.
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User Info: chameleonic1

4 years ago#47
I dont.

It isnt much fun getting owned and dying to a lv 14 mob when I am lv 80. lol

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User Info: TheRaven1406

4 years ago#48
I feel strong in level 1-25 areas, especially 1-10, but in a mid level area I don't really feel any stronger at lvl 80.

User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
4 years ago#49
I love it.

By the time you reach level 80 there's no way you've explored every area. I'd rather be able to go back and explore lower level areas and have some sort of challenge than go in and 1-shot every single enemy. That sort of thing is fun for a little while, but it gets old fast and then it makes it a pointless but tedious chore. And even if I've explored every area, I'd a variety of different areas that I can switch between rather than "once you reach level 80 you're stuck in the 3-4 level 80 zones forever".

I'd rather participate in low-level events with other people as opposed to 1-shotting that boss or ganking entire enemy groups singlehandedly (thats not fun for anyone involved, the novelty of you 1-shotting things wears off and other people don't like watching you slaughter everything while they get maybe one attack off).

The whole argument of "levels don't matter" is silly, because you still feel stronger even scaled down. I went back into a lower level area the other day with my level 75 character and I killing stuff signifigantly faster than I would using an actual level 10 character. It wasn't godmode "everything dies if I so much as break wind in their general direction and enemy hits feel like the tickle of a dandelion on my foot" but still quite a bit more powerful than a proper level 10. Not to mention the wider variety of utilities / elites and all the traits you have which let you handle situations better.
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  3. does anyone actually like the scaling your level down in low lvl areas?

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