Hammer or Dual Mace for Control Warrior?

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User Info: Nusquam_Sum

4 years ago#1
I have been experimenting with both in sPvP and WvWvW as a means of CC (or at least the second C) for some time now, and both seem to have their pros and cons.

Pros: Wide attack radius, two KD skills, one KB skill, can inflict weakness and cripple.
Cons: No blocking skill, longer recharge on most CC skills.

Dual Mace
Pros: Faster recharge on most skills (including long-range KD), two stunners, blocking skill, can inflict weakness and vulnerability
Cons: Not ideal for a spread-out group, third "auto-attack" is rather slow.

I should probably also mention that I tend to pair one of these with the rifle for a ranged weapon.

Does anyone here have any experience with these weapon setups?
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User Info: MaddScience

4 years ago#2
dual mace is faster and hammer is better in dealing with larger enemy group or most situations in general.
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User Info: MotoFoxKDX1

4 years ago#3
I've used both before, I wasn't a big fan of the Hammer but wasn't bad. Dual Mace is what i stuck with for a good amount of time but found it a little boring after a while so I went with Mace/Axe and haven't looked back since, I just like the feel of Mace/Axe the best but that's just personal, you do sacrifice a knockdown with it as well though.

Overall don't think you can go wrong with either setup (mace/mace and hammer). You could always get both and just switch whenever you felt like changing it up, I don't know your build but I imagine you would want to get the reduce cool down trait which is at least 20 points into Defense and both the Hammer and Mace are available so it's just a matter of switching the trait depending on the weapon you wanted to go with at the time.

If you have to decide though and if your going to stay with Rifle then i would suggest Hammer for it's greater AoE as Rifle is pretty much all single target.
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User Info: DraconisRex

4 years ago#4
WvW -- Hammer all the way.

The other day this Warrior killed one my team and then leaped across the battle field using the F1 Earthshaker. I'd burned my stability earlier and was knocked down with a 2-second stun and helpless to get up. He followed it with Hammer 5 (another 2 second stun) then I was dog-piled and spiked.

And during the whole time, despite stun-reduction food and two escapes, I was never able to get off the floor.

And what makes the difference is the leap. Without that leap, he could have never closed with me. But in WvW, the ability to move quickly across the battlefield and close is a major difference maker.

Mace, otoh, is also quite good for CC. I'm not disparaging it. It comes down to my play style and the F1 skill in hammers is better, IMO 9for my style), than the F1 skill in maces..

So, if I ever go with CC on the weapon swap, I'll go hammer.

Others, for their reasons, will (I'm sure) be as enthusiastic about Mace over Hammer. Like I said, they're both good. But I've been on the wrong end of that Hammer F1... It's a killer skill.
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User Info: Nusquam_Sum

4 years ago#5
Thanks for the feedback so far. I've been running them in different areas (PvE, sPvP, WvW) and tend to agree with the majority thus far: Hammer has greater versatility.

I also agree with Draconis's point: Mobility is key in this game, WvW and otherwise. Hammer F1 is a great skill, and having Healing Surge makes it even easier to spam. M/M is a good build, but probably better for 1v1 situations (which, frankly, are pretty rare).

Feel free to keep adding comments to the thread.
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User Info: Gwindor

4 years ago#6
hammer and x/shield.

shield is ****ing amazing.
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