How Can I get Skitty?

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User Info: TickleMeKaren

9 years ago#1
What are the questioins I need to asnwer D: Plz help!

User Info: Duskstar_Dragon

9 years ago#2
There is a few Guides in the FAQs section that have all the questions and the answers with the point values for each personality. I just did a search in the fact for every question that the game asked me and I tried to keep all other personalities low and get a Naive Nature (that's Skitty's... I think, the guide will tell you). Then I kept track of my answers and I got Skitty. And don't worry if the right questions don't come up; just keep trying. It took me about three tries to get the Pink Kitten.

She's so cute... and pretty powerful. Sing + Wake Up Slap/Dream Eater = awesomeness!

Good Luck.
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