PMD2: Explorers of Darkness General FAQ Topic (Some Spoilers)

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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
    General FAQ Topic

    This topic is designed to help clear the mass of topics on the board. It will cover general questions, SOS Procedures, and Bosses.

    Table of Contents
    I. General Questions
    1. Index
    2. Questions
    II. SOS Procedures
    1. General
    2. Password
    3. Wi-fi
    4. Local Wireless
    III. Boss Strategies
    1. General
    2. Luxray and Luxio x7
    3. Kabutops and 2 Omastar
    4. Dusknoir and the Sabelye Squad
    5. Primal Dialga
    6. Grand Master of All Things Bad and Minions
    IV. Credits

    I. General Questions

    1. How do I steal from Kecleon?
    2. How many floors do the Zero Island dungeons have and what are the rewards at the end of the dungeon?
    3. Strategy for Zero Island South
    4. Pokemon to watch out for in Zero Island South
    5. Scizor gave me the Secret Rank and a star on my badge. What does it do?
    6. How do I evolve?
    7. How do I evolve my starter and partner?
    8. What are the differences between Time and Darkness?


    1. How do I steal from Kecleon?

    Until your team hits about level 90, Kecleon is going to absolutely murder you if you try to stand up to him in battle. If you want to steal from him, there are four sure-fire methods to do it.

    1) Pure Seed
    -Grab everything on Kecleon's mat, then use a Pure seed to escape to the staircase. This is the most straightforward method.

    2) Trawl Orb
    -Trawl Orbs are cool because they don't only give you Kecleon's stuff, but also the rest of the stuff on the floor. You'll want to first find the staircase, then stand right next to it and use the orb. It works best with lots of team members, allowing you to pick up the loot in less turns. It also works just fine if the staircase room is right next to Kecleon's room, since you'll be able to easily grab all the items before Kecleon speeds up to double speed.

    3) Mobility
    -Use a ghost-type pokemon able to go through wall, or a Mobile Scarf, or a Mobile Orb. Using this strategy, you can walk through the walls and evade the Kecleon army all the way to the staircase. However, you would probably want to send your teammates home before doing it, and you'll also need lots of HP and food.

    4) 50-yard dash
    -If the Kecleon mat is adjacent to the staircase room, all you need is an item to disable Kecleon while you make your getaway. It's a little bit riskier, but it has a very high success rate if the staircase is close by. Just toss an X-eye seed, or a Blinker seed, or basically anything that would disable a boss at Kecleon, then run for the exit. Things like Petrify Orbs and Spurn Orbs also work. Before attempting this, you'll probably want to put your teammates somewhere out of the way where they won't attack Kecleon, and tell them to stay there.

    There are other, more creative ways to steal from Kecleon. I once dug a long tunnel to the staircase with Rock Smash, then used a Pounce Orb to warp there from the store.

    2. How many floors do the Zero Isle dungeons have, and what are the rewards at the end of the dungeons?

    Zero Isle South: 98 Floors + Reward Floor
    -Deluxe Box

    Zero Isle East: 39 Floors + Reward Floor
    -White Silk and Deluxe Box

    Zero Isle West: 39 Floors + Reward Floor
    -Amber Tear and Deluxe Box <Need confirmation on this one>

    Zero Isle North: 74 Floors + Reward Floor
    -Wonder Gummi, Golden Mask, Wonder Chest.

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