AR codes?

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User Info: nathenlieu

9 years ago#1
are there any?

User Info: Pokefan362

9 years ago#2
Go away cheater. You don't deserve to play if you want to cheat. Why, if I could, I would ban hacking devices.
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User Info: GenericGamer66

9 years ago#3
geez he just asked a question and how would it harm you anyways?
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User Info: JSchott

9 years ago#4

Dang, chill out. I mean come on, what is wrong with using AR? It doesn't affect you, it doesn't hurt you, stop QQing and let the us cheating gamers go on with our lives.

And to answer your question, I don't think there are any real codes out yet, but i'll keep an eye out.

User Info: Blaziken_rjcf

9 years ago#5
try to beat the main storyline first, recruit all legendaries before using cheats... they take the fun out of the game
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User Info: adamawesome07

9 years ago#6
hey people shut up and give em codes!people who use ars use them!
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User Info: LeeVaan

9 years ago#7
5 words


now my sentance
omg u lazy *some bad words* person if you would go up 1 or 2 pages i posted one with tehm u dumb *bad word* *bad word*

LMAO u dont even diserve to play this game or any other game

User Info: nathenlieu

9 years ago#8
well i dont really care anymore
i posted this a LONG LONG LONG
time ago

User Info: ShadowEspionage

9 years ago#9
asking for codes for a game that hasnt even come out in america yet ^.^
im sure there will be some codes but you might as well just wait for the release
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User Info: nathenlieu

9 years ago#10
well i have the Jap version and i asked for the code for the JAP version but now i dont care about the ar codes. all i care about is that the game is coming out.

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