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User Info: Wolf4knowledge

9 years ago#111
Posted 4/28/2008 10:20:26 AM

Client: Togekiss
Objective: Deliver Rawst Berry
Place: Blizzard Cave Floor 10
Difficulty: *5 I believe
Reward: Togekiss joins
Wonder Mail:
Wonder Mail Password

Wondermail Code doesn't work.
On that note, anyone know a code where I can recruit togepi/togetic/togekiss?
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User Info: Chris_Lv255

9 years ago#112
Anyone need a Yanmega?

Client: Yanmega
Objective: Search for Farfetch'd
Location: Beach Cave
Difficulty: E (10)
Reward: ??? (Recruit Yanmega!)
Wonder Mail:
MYT# 4R%S J2%-
Q47M %4%M M877
Pokemon Diamond: 4424 8048 1193

User Info: Tamlin21

9 years ago#113
Here are some Wonder Mail Codes I obtained in Time: (One of the "Arrest" jobs may have a Magnemite as the Client. Does it really matter who the Client is?)

Client: Magnezone
Objective: Arrest Cranidos
Place: Mt. Mistral 16F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *5 (500)
Reward: Dragon Scale
Wonder Mail:
2 H 7 0 3 % & 0 C 4 4 P
K Y K 4 3 & Y 1 7 # C -


Client: Tyrogue
Objective: Deliver Scanner Orb
Place: Midnight Forest B24F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *4 (400)
Reward: X-Ray Specs
Wonder Mail:
8 % = - M T & Y 2 W 7 K
R 1 7 W - 0 R 1 X = 6 %


Client: Magnezone
Objective: Arrest Gulpin
Place: Foggy Forest 9F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: S (70)
Reward: Joy Ribbon
Wonder Mail:
K Q # + Y F N T 0 W Q @
J C S M 3 9 @ 8 K Q & S


Client: Magnezone
Objective: Arrest Remoraid
Place: Blizzard Isle 10F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *6 (600)
Reward: Magmarizer
Wonder Mail:
@ 1 Y 2 S Q 1 W S R C W
3 T C 8 5 3 X 7 1 R @ 9


Lets Find the Golden Chamber!
Client: Houndoom
Objective: Explore with Houndoom
Place: Mt. Horn 14F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: A (50)
Reward: Reviver Seed + ?
Wonder Mail:
% M 4 - Y P P R % 1 Y =
= S 4 C @ 3 C + - # & F


Do you Know the Golden Chamber?
Client: Magby
Objective: Explore with Magby
Place: Craggy Coast B6F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: A (50)
Reward: 300 + ?
Wonder Mail:
X S # J K @ 6 S N + 5 &
= & = - & 7 Y 0 # H 5 C


Lets Find the Golden Chamber!
Client: Shellder
Objective: Explore with Shellder
Place: Blizzard Island 15F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *6 (700)
Reward: 650
Wonder Mail:
6 9 Y W - & 9 7 - @ @ J
K = 1 M X 7 C W H W & 7

---Here's one that gave me a Pichu Egg:

Client: Charizard
Objective: Rescue Charizard
Place: Amp Plains 10F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: A (50)
Reward: ??? (Egg!)
Wonder Mail:
W = 4 W 8 9 H 7 1 3 # J
N 0 K N Q 4 # S S Y Y F

--- Lastly, the following is not only an Exclusive Pokemon Wonder Mail, it gave me a Paras Egg as well. But since you already have a MUCH easier Riolu Wonder Mail Code, it probably best suited as an Egg Code.

Client: Riolu
Objective: Rescue Riolu
Place: Mt Horn 7F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: B (30)
Reward: ??? (Egg!)
Wonder Mail:
+ W = X H Q & T 1 X Y K
R W S N 7 F 5 3 2 = @ 7

User Info: mbruno3

9 years ago#114
ZombieInfection, I was looking at your FAQ and I noticed an error. You have the Rotom wonder mail under Time Exclusives, but Rotom is a Darkness exclusive.
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User Info: MissingNo5

9 years ago#115
I posted a code with a TM in it one the Hacking WM topic. If someone would please be so kind as to dredge it up?
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User Info: Puddingchan

9 years ago#116
Client: Smeargle
Objective: Guide Smeargle
Place: Brine Cave B6F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: Star 3 (300)
Reward: Water Stone + ?

Wonder Mail:
Q%+F S&N8 R8FN

Note: I did this twice, got 2 other items as rewards and they were random.
Look in my profile for the Friend code, thanks

User Info: basia77

9 years ago#117
thank you puddingchan and everyone else for great wonder mail. Thanks for taking the time to look for them!

User Info: Puddingchan

9 years ago#118
More wondermails! Some of these are pretty hard though, nice rewards.

Client: Ditto
Objective: Take item from Muk
Place: Waterfall Cave B7F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: A (50)
Reward: ??? (Recruit Ditto, most probably)

Wonder Mail:
2%-8 C&TY 4W9J
1FRJ =P+R %=JM


(This one is wtf...B85F...but oh well.)

Client: Wooper
Objective: Take item from Kabuto
Place: Zero Isle South B85F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: Star 8 (1300)
Reward: Iron

Wonder Mail:
XW2& 2@3& &736
C=MX HTN+ 5=30


Client: Magnemite
Objective: Arrest Cherubi
Place: Zero Isle East B28F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: Star 7 (1000)
Reward: Beauty Scarf

Wonder Mail:
Q@ 6J 1S6C =F%P
WW+= @8&J NQ%W


Client: Starly
Objective: Search for Omanyte
Place: Zero Isle South
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: Star 7 (1000)
Reward: Calcium + ?

Wonder Mail:
4K1Y +XT2 -1+1
4461 1+%7 +KR8
Look in my profile for the Friend code, thanks

User Info: Puddingchan

9 years ago#119
CHAMBERS! Gold is better than Sealed I think.

Job Summary:
Beach cave supposedly has a Golden Chamber! I could use help!

Client: Nidoqueen
Objective: Explore with Nidoqueen
Place: Beach Cave B2F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: D (15)
Reward: 150 (P) + ?

Wonder Mail:
20QH +#JX YY6H
FH#S HFJ+ X084

Note!! Use a Flying/Water Pokemon for Leader! Good rewards!


(This one isn't mine actually, someone else contributed it somewhere else but I typed out the entire thing to it here.)

Job Summary:
There's a Sealed Chamber in there!
Someone crack that mystery with me!

Client: Parasect
Objective: Explore with Parasect
Place: Craggy Coast B7F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: A (50)
Reward: 300 (P) + ?

Wonder Mail:
+7J@ -MJ4 76FP
=6R3 JQQF 18MT
Look in my profile for the Friend code, thanks

User Info: YerFired

9 years ago#120
More codes, yay

Client: Kirlia
Objective: Rescue Electrike.
Place: Zero Isle South B75F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *7 (1000)
Reward: 700 Poké
Wonder Mail:
15KT 4+=7 JF5%
32%+ 27J5 TQYT

Client: Ralts
Objective: Search for Seviper.
Place: Zero Isle North
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *9 (1500)
Reward: Shock Wave
Wonder Mail:
5T&2 =587 N&5R
9%YR 4344 P&59

Client: Illumise
Objective: Take item from Shellos.
Place: Blizzard Island 20F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *7 (1000)
Reward: ??? (probably Illumise Lv. 1)
Wonder Mail:
+#6# S5@# 00&K
+%+Q 8Q2K N6J-

Client: Raticate
Objective: Rescue Rattata.
Place: Zero Isle South B50F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *6 (700)
Reward: Flamethrower
Wonder Mail:
Y9-7 =SP5 RT%3
97R7 J2@- @X91
Meow. That is all.

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