How to evolve your starters (spoilers)

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User Info: fireblazer1289

9 years ago#1
Revised After receiving confirmations on stuff I wasn't sure about:
- burningicex confirmed that you do not need to recruit both Dialga and Palkia. He was able to activate the Manaphy scene with only recruiting Palkia.
- andylee999 confirmed that you do not need to run through the Marine Resort dungeon. You just need to unlock it.

So yesterday I was searching through both darkness and time boards here on gamefaqs hoping I would find out why I couldn't evolve my starters even after defeating Darkrai. Most of the topics had answers, but even then they still didn't help. Well I finally got my starters to evolve so I thought I'd share it here so there isn't anymore confusion.

There have been a bunch of answers to this question such as:
"Just beat Darkrai"
"Beat Darkrai and recruit both Dialga and Palkia"
"You only need to recruit Palkia"
"You're starters can't evolve you have to recruit another one in a cave to get their evolutions"

This is what I did. I did a bit more than what was required though.

Well after defeating Darkrai and recruiting both Dialga and Palkia I still wasn't able to evolve my starters. The problem was that you need to recruit Manaphy as well. I'm not sure specificallyhow I triggered the scene where Manaphy comes back and joins your team, but basically after a few days of optional missions after recruiting Dialga and Palkia, Chatot came to Sharpedo Rock (the place where you live after graduating the guild) and stated Manaphy was back. I won't get into detail of what happens, but eventually Manaphy will ask to join your team.

So after Manaphy joins your team you still won't be able to evolve, so keep doing more optional missions for another 3 days or so and Manaphy should come to Sharpedo Rock and tell you he/she/it (forgot the gender xD) found a new dungeon called Marine Resort. Now that Marine Resort was unlocked, I ran through it once. I didn't check Luminous Spring before I did this so I wasn't sure if running Marine Resort was required to evolve the starters. And there you go. After that I went to Luminous Spring and finally saw my two starters on the list of pokemon able to evolve. There was no little cutscene or anything after I beat the dungeon so don't expect one.


Sorry I made that unnecessarily wordy, but that's for those who want detail, but here's a short summary:

- Beat Darkrai
- Recruit Palkia
- Do optional missions for a couple of days
- Chatot will tell you Manaphy is back at Sharpedo Rock. Manaphy joins your team.
- Do optional missions for a couple of days. It took me 3.
- Manaphy will unlock a new dungeon (Marine Resort)
- Done.


I cannot confirm that you need to recruit Dialga and/or Palkia to activate the Manaphy scene, but I just did it anyways because everyone was saying to do so. It's not too difficult since I believe its a 100% chance for recruitment.

For those who do not know how to start the missions leading up to finding the Manaphy egg and fighting Darkrai, after beating the game (credit rolls), do a couple of optional missions for a few days and you should see Mr. Mime in treasure town (I believe next to the Kecleon Shop). Talk to him and he should start you off with a trip to Blizzard Island (I think that's the first one). Then it's pretty much straight forward from there. There will be times where you just need to do optional missions before you can advance in the story.

Alright hope I helped. Have fun evolving xD.

User Info: Shadowscale

9 years ago#2
Bump since this topic keeps getting asked.
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User Info: kisame847

9 years ago#3
Best starter topic ever. The strtegy guide details how to get manaphy and unlock marine resort. You may even not have to recruit palkia.
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User Info: RemixV4

9 years ago#4
Forget bumping, we need to sticky this
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User Info: j_impact

9 years ago#5
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User Info: kisame847

9 years ago#6
This topic must live!
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User Info: _Scorch_D62

9 years ago#7
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User Info: Crazyboy

9 years ago#8
If your starters evolve, do they still talk in cutscenes and stuff? Or at least your partner, since your character seems to be the world's best mime?
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User Info: mbruno3

9 years ago#9
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User Info: shiningflare

9 years ago#10
sticky this people
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