An easy way to recruiting the legendary kecleon

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User Info: DarkLite411

8 years ago#1
Ok in theory a pokemon's level impacts the difficulty of recruitment rate right. So a level 8 starly is obviously more easier to recruit than a level 40 one. That being said what if you used that against a kecleon recruit it at a lower level. I know (What you're an idiot kecleon 255 stats lvl. 40 no way) So this is what you do. Bring a LOT of doom seeds two escape orbs (I'll explain why later) 4 or 5 pure seeds 2 Foe-Hold Orbs. This item petrifies every enemy on that floor until you hit it. And about 4 or 5 stun seeds. Well when you steal from kecleon use your pure seed you'll warp near the stairs. Now wait for as many dots as possible or until a kecleon gets near you. Use the orb. Now find one kecleon get a good distance away and throw the escape orb. It should catch it which is good this will stop it catching the doom seeds and throwing them back. Then doom seed it. The level down hits and (in theory it should be easier to recruit) Stun seed it if gets to close get away and repeat. Use the other Foe-Hoe Orb if threats should come and the escape orb if you can't handle. SAVE BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT THIS! Then of course golden mask blah blah you get the idea.

So how about that sound good to anyone. Sorry for the bad typing I'm on the Wii doing this.
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User Info: chtma653

8 years ago#2
no, YOUR pokemon influences recruitment rate, not the enemy pokemon. A lv100 pokemon will be able to recruit a lv. 55 Shellos just as easily as it can recruit a lv. 3 Shellos. The decreased stats might help a bit, but lowering each Kecleon's stats by 1 won't help enough, especially since you'll probably have to defeat hundreds before one joins you
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User Info: mysterydungeon0

8 years ago#3
Good idea, excpet there's 2 flaws, including the main idea.


1. Your Pokemon's level affects rate, not the enemy's.
2. You can't use an escape orb on the same floor you steal from.
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User Info: Jolteon_fan

8 years ago#4
There is a much easier way to KILL them, but without the golden mask, you can't recruit. Just use a pass scarf.if there's a really good item there, take out your scarf, and you can't be hurt.
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User Info: DarkLite411

8 years ago#5
Well I mean that's strange because I mean you'd think it would work. I mean if the enemy's level means nothing what's the point of getting an egg pokemon when you can get a higher one for better stats? I dunno I still wanna test it some more because I managed to reduce its level to 29. I didn't get but I want to get it to level 1 and say it doesn't work and then say it's official.

BTW the escape orb for throwing. You throw the first for kecleon to catch (so you can hammer it stats/reduce its level without catching the items and throwing it back). Assuming what I said worked and it joins you (maybe) you use the pure seed to leave that floor and use the other escape orb to leave.
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User Info: nhahtdh

8 years ago#6
Stat of an egg Pokemon is 5 points higher than a normal Pokemon. And there are chances that it comes with an egg move.
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