Panzer Elite vs Wermacht?

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User Info: fetelth

9 years ago#1
What are the main differences? The difference between the Americans and Brits are pretty apparent but not for the PE and Wermacht to me. What's overpowered/underpowered? What's easier? What should a noob use? PE seems harder because there's alot of different buildings and upgrades you have to decide between but I haven't played both of them much (outside of the campaign but that doesn't really help).

User Info: Bladescorpion

9 years ago#2

I have not played PE and probably won't. When I play as either WE or USA, depending on what my friends are playing as. I have noticed a few things about them.

-PE is better at the start than other groups.

-PE is a bit more complex upgrade wise .

-PE has to glob the units together because they are usually good at only one thing and work best as a group.

-PE will slaughter your units until you get enough fuel to make m8s and AT guns/recoiless rifles. You have to outcap them until then as USA.

-WE is better at end after teching up to tanks and veterancy boosts.

-Airborne does better against PE than Infantry or Armor does because you can air drop AT guns and paradrops some AB and upgrade them in the field and reinforce from air. Straffing and bombing helps take out the globed PE troops as well.

One of the 3 people I play german side with loves PE and I usually go as the 2nd WE as Defensive Doctorine so that we can get the AA/AT guns while the other WE goes Blitz or I go as the main WE in a 2v2 so that we have a WE Blitz + PE. Usually at the beginning of the game, PE does the best and my WE provides support for it, by mid/late my friend's PE ends up supporting the WE(s).

Hope this helps, and I hope some one corrects me if I lead you astray. I would like to learn more about them as well. There is a site that has recorded matches that we both probably need to watch. If I can find the link, I will post it.

User Info: sadate360

9 years ago#3
Wermacht players often have to use a wider variety of units. They need MG's and infantry to work together and eventually use vehicles to crush the opponent.

Panzer Elite can just spam their way to victory. Which is why they are my favorite.

User Info: Scottie_theNerd

9 years ago#4
Wehrmacht are more conventional in terms of strategy and have access to a variety of general-purpose troops. Panzer Elite tend to be more specialised in using light vehicles to support infantry.

User Info: Coolbeans500

9 years ago#5
Panzer Elite is very fast moving with its high number of halfrack units however most of their units die quickly in extended combat so you will need to keep mobile.

User Info: Sharpie125

9 years ago#6
PE is actually becoming my favourite faction after using them a bit. Wehrmacht is definitely more traditional, infantry can survive on its own, but armour is where it dominates. PE pretty much needs infantry support vehicles to survive engagements, but in the hands of experienced players, a couple of Panzer Grenadier squads and half tracks can tear apart American forces in the early game. I'm not sure if PE is as powerful as Wehr in the late game (although they do have the Jagdpanther), but they're awesome for harassment and territory control.

User Info: count_hamstein

9 years ago#7
---ermacht are the easiest, just use like 3-4 squads fully upgraded = insta-win...for me
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User Info: engelbert1

9 years ago#8
Well PE can't create defenses unless your using the lutwaffe doctrine, which comes up in middle game anyways. the basic tactic to PE is early rush and raids, keep your enemy pre occupied and tied up while your building up.

Wermacht, have a good balance of almost everything, one thing you'll noticed is that they have a lot of units available to them and you might get overwhelmed if your just trying them out. Later end though they're very cheesy.
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