collecting all nazi cars...

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User Info: MoNkEy_BrAiNz

7 years ago#1
where can i find these last 4 vehicles? the kaiser bulletproof, bauer fuel truck, armed bauer, and the gestapo GS.

i finished the story missions and all the side missions. i need to find these vehicles to get the hijacker perk. i used the perk upgrades that you get from the weapons smuggler on other perks apparently. please help.

User Info: X Crono X

X Crono X
7 years ago#2
The Gestapo GS I got I took during Father Denis' last mission, but heres the locations from the 360 board.

Kaiser Bulletproof --> Trocadero --> follow the street near the river North from the last "o" of the word, first street turn left and then in the first small street to the right it should be parked with a guy leaned on it near a building.

Gestapo GS --> Just above the "G" in Garre Saint Lazarre, beyond the Checkpoint.

Armed Bauer --> Found it in an Encamptment in the Middle of the Picardie, had the Quest to
destroy it, there were Electricity Tanks to shoot everywhere.

Bauer Fuel Truck --> West Picardie, just before entering Normandie head North into a rocket base, there's the truck, be careful not to shoot it though. (Alternatively there's one in a construction site just left outside the Gare de L'Est)
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User Info: MoNkEy_BrAiNz

7 years ago#3
thanks alot! really helpful!

User Info: sidvich

7 years ago#4
Have a look here!

User Info: TheDon95

7 years ago#5
Hey guys does anybody know an exact location for a gestapo cruiser (NOT GS) and the UNarmed ZP750 please help guys anybody who knows anything they are my last nazi cars
PSN: Gregzee-95

User Info: TheDon95

7 years ago#6
Well i just got the zp750 unarmed at the checkpoint east of slaughterhouse HQ if thats useful to anyone
PSN: Gregzee-95

User Info: theboomies

7 years ago#7
get an alarm 3 and the gestapo cruisers just start coming after you

User Info: the5element

7 years ago#8
all i need is kaiser and gestapo cruiser, anyone know locations for these?
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User Info: human-error

7 years ago#9
Gestapo Cruiser can be obtained during a level 3 alarm. Wait for the Leather coated bastards to come, shoot them, get the cruiser and escape the alarm.

User Info: FoxyKyoji

7 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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