Salary Cap????

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User Info: GroundRunner

9 years ago#1
Is there any way at ALL to turn off the salary cap in the PC version? I know you can do it in the 360 version because me and my buddy play it a lot(he has it though, not me), but I can't figure out if it's possible in the PC version or not. I've looked through I believe all of the options, but there's nothing, so is there a way to change settings around in a file or such to be able to turn it off? I want to make a fantasy draft team and not have a salary cap so then I can have whoever I want on my team without having to worry about any kind of capacity. Help will be much appreciated, Thanks in advance.
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User Info: MysticRhythms87

9 years ago#2
Yes, there is a way. You need a program called Madden Editor 2008, which allows you to edit nearly every aspect of a franchise or roster file (players, teams, stadiums, etc.). One option allows you to turn off the salary cap, cap penalties, and all that good stuff.

You can download it at Grab it, and enjoy.

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