Unrealized potential?

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User Info: Iostcrow

9 years ago#1
How do you change it to your actual points?
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User Info: Claudy513

9 years ago#2
if the unrealized potential is past the yellow skill limiter, you have to win more challeneges and tourneys so that you limit will increase, then you can do skill training to improve
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User Info: dextertake

9 years ago#3
Okay just so I can get this straight since this seems to be a common question.

You can raise your skill and "unlock" what there is available of your potential skill be just competing and winning challenges. There is no predetermined number of events or challenges it is awarded when "the game" has determined that you have done enough to improve your skill?

Just so I can be clear LOL

User Info: fullmetal2405

9 years ago#4
skill training increases stats. When it goes past the yellow line (the skill limiter) it becomes unrealized potential. when you beat the middle boss in each Tiger Challenge hexagon, the limiter moves up 10%, turning any unrealized potential to that point into skill.

User Info: IslanderX

9 years ago#5
As you win challenges and tournaments, your ranking will rise from rookie to pro to champion to legend and so on and so forth. So until you reach the next level, your stats will rise but they will not be effective until you attain the next level.
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User Info: gameweasel

9 years ago#6
All you have to do is beat the pro in the center of the tiger challenge to increase your unrealized potential. Tournaments don't matter!!!
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