Duelist build?

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User Info: RedXIV

9 years ago#1
I was just wondering if anyone'd created a successful Duelist build. I like the concept, but not too sure about the implementation. If someone could help me with this class, I'd appreciate it.
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User Info: SirSpiff

9 years ago#2
One thing you need to know. Parry's glitched up the wazoo. Don't worry about parrying, it won't really be worth it.

Now, keep in mind the Duelist's benefits and when they get them. Most benefits are lost when using a non-finessible weapon, two weapons, or a shield. That dramatically limits your armor choices. It also limits viable builds.

I would suggest a manner of EK build. Wizards get great benefit from the Int bonus to AC. You can put off the Duelist levels until epic levels, when you can get Intuitive Strike, and keep your strength down to squat.

When I say low strength, I mean it. Eight strength. Don't look back. You'll rely on Intuitive Strike for damage and Weapon Finesse for AB.

You'll need Int to cast spells, hit hard, and keep from getting hit. Oh, and for skills. You need Dex to hit foes at all and to gain much-needed AC. Remember, don't go overboard with the Int. You can only get ten AC from Int, you can't be a pure caster with eleven+ melee class levels, and the bonus damage won't help you if you can't hit the enemy at all. Twenty-two Int should do it, with items making the difference. Fourteen Con by default, screw Wis and Cha, with Dex making up the remainder.

Wiz9/Fighter1/EK10/Duelist10. You can drop a level of Wizard and add a level of Fighter and still keep level nine spells, but one cast per day seems pretty useless to me. Still, another point of BAB is nice. You'll have to take the requisite Tumble to qualify for Duelist cross-class, though.
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User Info: veggen

9 years ago#3
The above advice is very good. You also might want to try some monk/duelist combination (some fighter levels too). This is what I played the expansion with. Works great. You don't get to use Precise Strike and some other Duelist's abilities (since you'll be dual-wielding) but you do get insane AC and a ton of attacks.

Check for some good builds (Duelist or other) on NWN2 Wikia.

User Info: CaptainGordon

9 years ago#4
Ive been using a Rogue / Duelist. Its not exactly a power build, but it seems effective enough to plough through MOTB's story so far. (just started chapter 3, so maybe Ill get stuck somewhere around here!)

Started with 12 strength, 14 intelligence, 16 dex and kept powering dex up at every opportunity. I didn't know about Combat Insight when I started, it would definitely have been better to go for less strength and more intelligence!

Ive been powering up my parry skill, it seems to be quite effective when surrounded - the enemies usually can't touch me as riposte chips away at their health. I dont know what the glitches are though....
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User Info: Dark_Virtue

9 years ago#5
If I remember correctly, the glitch had something to do with how your parry checks cycled. In a given round, you can make so many parry checks without penalty against incoming attacks. After you've parried that many, you make additional parry checks at a cumulative -5 penalty until the end of the round. So you'd parry a number of attacks at, say, +20, then hit the ceiling and parry the next one at +15, then +10, +5, +0, -5, -10, etc, then back up to +20 when it comes back to your turn again. The glitch was that the counter never reset when it got back to you - the penalties just kept compounding. With the glitch, parry works fine for the first few attacks but becomes useless as the battle wears on.

It's possible that this glitch may have been fixed, and the possibility bears testing.
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User Info: Dark_Virtue

9 years ago#6
Did a bit of testing in Jeg's Training Module and parry seems to be working. I was able to take down a black dragon (Character was Rogue 20/Duelist 10, Improved Parry, Skill Focus (Parry), max Parry skill) doing nothing but parrying. The weapon I used had minimal enhancements in order to prolong the fight. I didn't see any of the behavior I described above while I watched the combat log.

It's possible that parry is fixed. Can anyone confirm?
"A witty saying proves nothing." --Voltaire

User Info: SirSpiff

9 years ago#7
The real glitch lies in flurries. All attacks are launched in three flurries, and each flurry appears as one action from the character. You can have one flurry representing six attacks if the enemy has 18 attacks per round. Anyways, parry only blocks the first attack of each flurry. If an enemy has nine attacks per round, you're only doing a thing against a third of them, and you may not even get a counter attack for those you do parry, and those counters may not even connect.

Parry has many, many bugs. It simply doesn't work as advertised. Don't rely on it. Don't build around it.
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