Game won't let me rest

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User Info: ihateds2

9 years ago#1
So, I've been playing for a few hours now, I'm in the village and all and I can't rest. When the window for resting pops up I choose my option(infact it doesn't even let me choose the 'rest till dusk/dawn' option), click okay and nothing happens. Literally nothing, the window closes and that's it. Even the log doesn't register that something's happened. Anyone have this problem and can they help me out with it? Or is there like a command I can type in the console to force rest? Any help would be greatly appreciated, cause I really like the game so far and I don't want to quit playing. Thanks.

User Info: Bladenyte

9 years ago#2
only thing i can think of is to say that you should patch your game to the most recent update
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