The best melee/magic class

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User Info: Neofrebu

9 years ago#1
Im gonna start MotB(or multiclass into) with one of the classes that is a mix of magic and melee, and I was wondering, which one is the "best" for an enjoyable play by someone who isnt going to spend alot of time "working" on the perfect gear and such.

User Info: The_Dude_07

9 years ago#2
Cleric is probably the best magic class that can melee too, as you have tons of buffs or combat spells to help in melee. If you want, you can multiclass with warpriest for some more buffs, losing a few levels of spell casting that don't matter too much in MOTB. Also, adding a couple levels of fighter for feats won't hurt, but you need human or half-elf as a base class to avoid XP penalties.

Druid with wild shape is also really good, but there aren't as many buffs in the druid spell book.
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User Info: frebu

9 years ago#3
What about classes like favored soul or the E(forgot the rest of it) Knight?
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User Info: vaarna_aarne

9 years ago#4
Wizard (7)/Eldritch Knight (10)/Arcane Scholar (10)/Duelist (3) is also a good build for MotB. It's all about the Practised Spellcaster feat.
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User Info: Neofrebu

9 years ago#6
So would it be worth it to go like Favored soul, Fighter(for all the extra feats) then WM?
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User Info: Bladenyte

9 years ago#8
you get a cleric, a wizard and a spirit shaman as companions (as well as your choice between a rogue that can be a barbarian, or a absolutely brutal pure fighter).. so they've got all forms of magic covered (divine, arcane, and nature based)

your best bet would be a pure melee type focusing on a 2 handed weapon so you can deal out massive ammounts of death without worrying about yet another character to deal with buffs before every combat
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User Info: SirSpiff

9 years ago#9
It really depends on what you're looking for. An eldritch knight is one of the best one-on-one sorts in the game. Clerics are a lesser god. Oh, on the Cleric note, Warpriest is fairly useless. Their big draw is high BAB progression, but Divine Power caps your BAB anyways, making it a waste, really. A Cleric'd be better off multiclassing to Stormlord.

For absolute cheese, I'd suggest a Paladin4/Sorcerer6/Eldritch Knight10/Arcane Scholar10. Get Still Spell, as it allows you to cast in full armor, then get the auto-still spell in epic levels to have complete freedom in said casting. Further, get at least 21 Str and Cha with Power Attack and Divine Power. That way you can grab Epic Divine Power, which is very powerful. Add in Divine Shield for a nice, big AC boost. Aasimar is by far the best for this build.
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User Info: jeminizero

9 years ago#10
The Paladin4/Sorcerer6/Eldritch Knight10/Arcane Scholar10 mentioned by SirSpiff may be found in the 2 links below:

However, I don't normally recommend Sorcerer for beginners as you need to know how to choose your spells. Instead, you may want to consider something like the Beginner's Cleric:

Read Randomsome1's cleric FAQ found in the Gamefaqs FAQ section) on how to use Clerics.

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