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User Info: VoodooTiger

8 years ago#1
I'm on chapter 3 of the OC now, and enjoying the heck out of it, so I'm thinking I should play the MotB campaign next, right?

I'm playing a rogue now (with one level of Shadow Dancer for HiPS, and 5 Shadow Thief). Looking at the companions you get, there seems that there might be one, if conditions are right (OOM?). How necessary are rogues in MotB? I hate walking into traps, or having to bash chests. Though, most traps haven't posed much of a problem anyway... And thinking about it, what breaks when you bash a chest? Not equipment, books, gems, or money, right? Potions, and scrolls?

Anyway, sorry. Rogue, good choice? Or, should I go back and make a Lawful Good Fighter, so I can do the City Watch version of the OC, then stick with that? Maybe a Wizard? I always get a feeling that I'm missing out by not enchanting enough. It looks easier, and better in MotB, but that first companion you get seems to be able to do almost all the enchantments (save for acid weapons, acid gloves, and AC gloves/cloaks?) if I'm reading this right.

So, anyway. Any words of encouragement? I always feel like I'm not doing it right, but so far it's been pretty easy going.
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User Info: SKA_

8 years ago#2
rouge through the campaign storylines is somewhat bad OC and MOTB, too much crit immune to really let those rouge shine. SoZ and online modules, rouge that stuff up, youll be a monster
and why 5 shadow theif? might as well just stick with rouge or get assassin lvls for much more benefit
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User Info: gryphonmaster

8 years ago#3
I have to agree with Ska, rogue isn't the best choice for MOTB. The wizard who becomes your 1st companion has a familiar with rogue lvls, who can disarm traps and pick locks for you. (BTW, the reason for unlocking doors and containers rather than smashing them is you gain a small amount of xp for doing so.)
That said, the problem of sneak-attack immune enemies can be partially overcome in the first dungeon, where you will discover a rapier with the 'elemental's ruin' property, allowing crits and sneak attacks on elementals. There's a falchion later in the game that can do critical damage to the undead, but since it's a martial weapon, your rogue will probably be unable to wield it.

User Info: VoodooTiger

8 years ago#4
Why shadow thief? Because I don't know any better, and multi-classing scares me.

Looking at it, I figured 5 Shadow Thief would get me Double Speak, Reputation, and Improved uncanny Dodge in exchange for Trap Sense 5 and 6... Otherwise, should have the same sneak attack and bonus feats. And looking again, I guess 14 rogue was a waste too. Didn't get anything. Could have put another level into shadowdancer for dark vision... Would have been more than nothing...

Maybe I should start over... I want to anyway, really...
I have it on good authority; if you type Google into Google, you can break the internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. ~ Jen, The I.T. Crowd

User Info: VoodooTiger

8 years ago#5
Alright, one more real quick...

Since you mentioned SoZ, I looked it up, and it seems it's intended for new characters, so I won't be importing my OC/MotB character, right? So, I can start a new rogue for it, without having to "struggle" through MotB...

Well, in a way, that's reassuring. But now I have to figure out what I want to do... I kinda want to be a wizard, but melee is really more my normal style. RDD looks interesting... Ranger, even cleric... Too many choices...

Remember the good old days or 4 classes? :)
I have it on good authority; if you type Google into Google, you can break the internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. ~ Jen, The I.T. Crowd

User Info: gryphonmaster

8 years ago#6
The good thing about SOZ is that it focuses on a group of adventurers rather than 1 character (kalach-cha), so you can make 4 adventurers for your party from scratch. The rogue will feel like your character, but so will the wizard, the fighter, or whatever combination of adventurers you put together. Even with the cohorts within the campaign who you can sign up, levelling restrictions have been lifted, so you can level them up as you see fit with multiclassing and prestige classes.
There's nothing stopping you from importing a character who's been through the OC or MOTB. However, your character will be supremely overpowered compared to his/her teammates, and almost all of the enemies you encounter. If you would rather the game made you feel like a god in mortal form than that it posed a reasonable challenge, so be it...

User Info: VoodooTiger

8 years ago#7
Thanks for the help, both of you. I' starting to get excited about SoZ now, but I've been reading a little about MotB and epic levels, and some classes get some really awesome stuff. I'm getting quite excited about that too... Man, I want to go home early today, now.
I have it on good authority; if you type Google into Google, you can break the internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. ~ Jen, The I.T. Crowd

User Info: triclops41

8 years ago#8
you can take epic precision feat and your sneak attacks will do half damage to creatures normally immune to sneak attack. my first playthrough of motb was with a halfling rogue and he was a killer

User Info: GreatAnubis

8 years ago#9
Storm of Zehir is awesome if you like to just build characters and see what you can do with them. It sucks if you want a big storyline, and cool cutscenes. Playing all three, the OC, MotB and SoZ, gives you quite a nice mix of D&D gaming.
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User Info: Sungrey

8 years ago#10
Critical-immune enemies also lessens the effective of my first character, which was a Fighter 10/Weapon Master 10.

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