Stuck! Death God Vault

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User Info: KittyKunoichi

8 years ago#1
It won't let me through the door. I click on it and my character makes the 'opening door' motion but nothing happens. Not in debug mode but I HAVE used it. Please help!

User Info: D_Knight_Nik

8 years ago#2
You refering to lev 1 door or betrayers gate? I'll assume level 1 door for the moment. for lev 1 you are on chapter 2 and also got the replica of the sword of gith right? If so and it ain't working i'd load up a previous save if u got any. Dunno about debug since i never had to use it myself.

Maybe it's even a patch issue. I know that the ealier patchs had alot of annoying bugs in them, but i have no idea if they interfer with the vault door.

User Info: KittyKunoichi

8 years ago#3
I restarted the client and it decided to work. :D

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