Phoenix and Maya (spoilers)

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User Info: FranziskaWright

9 years ago#1
Like Pearls, I was kind of hoping that Phoenix and Maya would get together in the end. I mean, Iris is cute and all, but she lost a bit of her appeal to me when it turned out she was an accessory to murder.

User Info: Black_Lilith

9 years ago#2
I wonder why so many think they should be together. Ok, for fanfiction it might be nice if you like Maya.

But there's not one single line in the game which hints at such a relationship, neither from Maya nor from Phoenix.

little spoiler-wannabe ahead:

I think Phoenix feelings for Maya are similar to Godot's for Maya - they feel responsible for her because she is Mia's sister. And both of them liked and respected Mia. Both guys couldn't help her, so they wanted to make up for their "failing". Godot's main emotion might be guilt, but Phoenix has a friendship with her. Friendly feelings. If a male person likes a female person it is not automatically love. They kinda get along. And that's it. Sorry if this explanation is missing sappy romantic stuff. (And honestly - those who like Maya: you would like to see her together with a man who likes her but does not take her serious at all?)
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User Info: SS2Matt

9 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: MercuryHg

9 years ago#4
Maya hasn't earned her BUSTY GLORY yet....That's why!

Yes I know.... Old meme is old....
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User Info: Wario_and_Fox

9 years ago#5
^ *facepalm*

Anyways, the relationship between Phoenix/Maya is like that of a brother/sister relationship
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User Info: fi3rcedragon

9 years ago#6
From Wario and Fox
Anyways, the relationship between Phoenix/Maya is like that of a brother/sister relationship

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User Info: Delseban

9 years ago#7
From fi3rcedragon
From Wario and Fox
Anyways, the relationship between Phoenix/Maya is like that of a brother/sister relationship

User Info: Raydere

9 years ago#8
Welcome to the internets, where a guy who is close/best friends with a girl but harbors no romantic feels for her is automatically swings the other way.
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User Info: Raydere

9 years ago#9
...I am going to get mocked to hell and back for that grammar.

User Info: CantFaketheFunk

9 years ago#10
Only.... no? >_>

I don't think anybody thinks Phoenix is gay; he's shown more than enough interest in various girls through the series.

That being said, you don't have to be gay to be in a same-sex relationship, nobody's completely one way or the other, and he totally WOULD go gay for Edgey.
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